Sony to stop selling 'Premium Standard' models Xperia X and X compact

Pablo Tucker
May 25, 2017

Sony is making some dramatic changes to its smartphone lineup.

If you happen to hunt for a decent deal on Sony's new Xperia XZ Premium, you might want to wait a bit since the Japanese company plans to launch another color version of the flagship.

For the unintended, the Premium Standard segment was focused on offering flagship-level specifications at a reasonable price point.

According to Sony Mobile, of the top 30 most photographed landmarks in the world - a list topped by the Eiffel Tower - more than half are shot from the same three angles. The Xperia X which was launched at the price of Rs 44,000 had failed to draw much interest among buyers forcing Sony to drop the price to as low as Rs 25,000.

This was confirmed at Sony's IR (Investor relations) Day where the company stated that it will no longer be making smartphones in the $500 price range which the company refers to as the "Premium Standard" category.

Back in February, Sony said the Xperia XZ Premium is coming to the U.S. late spring. The highly anticipated Xperia XZ Premium is available, as of Wednesday, May 24, preorder in France. With the Xperia XZs and Xperia XZ Premium already launched, this could cause some confusion in Sony's high-end line-up. No word related to the availability of the red Xperia XZ Premium.

These devices will most probably be unveiled at IFA in September where Sony historically has a penchant for releasing new smartphones.

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