Social media moment: Did Melania flick Donald's hand away?

Cheryl Sanders
May 26, 2017

Much is being made about US First Lady Melania Trump swiping away the hand of her husband, President Donald Trump, during their first foreign trip overseas.

Have a look at the twitter reactions on this embarrassing moments of Trumps.

In the new clip, both Mr Trump and Melania can be seen emerging from the plane and giving those gathered at Rome's Fiumicino Airport a lengthy wave. She then appeared to be swatting the president's hand away.

"We have a lot in common", Trump responded, with Sara Netanyahu promising they would continue the discussion over a private dinner Monday night at the prime minister's residence. Responding to the incident, former White House photographer Pete Souza took to Instagram to remind how the previous presidential couple held hands.

Earlier, the first lady had to nudge the President to remind him to put his hand on his heart for the U.S. national anthem.

According to Israeli publication Haaretz, while walking on the tarmac at the Tel Aviv airport, Mr Trump was told Mrs Netanyahu was a big fan of the American First Lady. Some said she was rejecting his attempt to hold her hand.

The Netanyahus were holding hands and walking with Trump, slightly ahead of Melania.

While Melania Trump takes part in overseas rituals required of a first lady, there is obvious tension in the Trump household. So yeah, several television cameras and press members gathered to document the president's arrival in Rome just caught him putting his hand on his wife's ass.

Her change in expression spawned many a #FreeMelania meme, a lot of them implying that she was not happy with her hubby.

The first viral moment that made this seem clear was at the inauguration, when she showed her true feelings as soon as Donald Trump looked away.

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