So that phone call was just fake news

Cheryl Sanders
May 5, 2017

Trump and Turnbull were meeting in New York City on Thursday.

Turnbull told Australian reporters on Wednesday that reports of the call "were pretty exaggerated".

"Handling large crowds is something the NYPD does very well and we don't anticipate any issues", said O'Neill. "We didn't really have a rough phone call", Trump said of the conversation to Reuters.

Trump spoke at a gala dinner aboard the USS Intrepid in NY to commemorate the 75th anniversary of that battle.

"As a lifelong New Yorker, I think there's something particularly appalling about Trump coming from this environment and just not representing New Yorkers in any way whatsoever", Lauren Rothman, a writer from Brooklyn, told the Daily News.

"Wait a minute ... the president has just said it", Sanders said amid a mountain of laughs.

On Thursday night in Manhattan, fresh off a first legislative victory in the House on health care, Mr Trump was serene. Critics say the current version is likely to significantly reduce coverage and cost medical workers jobs.

The two leaders convened on a decommissioned aircraft carrier, the Intrepid, in NY, to mark the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea.

Their famously testy phone call last January, which seemed such a spicy prelude to their first face-to-face meeting, was obliterated in a torrent of Trumpisms.

Trump called the mainstream media "fake news" for reporting that the pair had a rocky first phone call in early February about an agreement the two countries had made regarding refugee resettlement.

Trump's meeting with Turnbull marks their first face-to-face encounter since a reportedly heated telephone exchange in January, in which Trump denounced a refugee resettlement deal reached between Australia and the US under the Obama administration.

"Thank you Mr. Trump for admitting that universal health care is the better way to go". I mean, we're not babies. "That was a big exaggeration, okay?" "Few peoples in the world share ties in history, affection and culture like the Americans and the Australians".

During a photo session with his guest later in the evening, the American president also said that he gets along well with Turnbull.

Some protesters lined up along the West Side Highway, confined to pens near the Intrepid while holding up signs saying "Dump Trump" and chanted "Not my president".

Trump returned to NY on Thursday night for the first time since he took office on January 20.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea, which was a major victory for the USA and Australians in stopping the advancing Japanese in World War II.

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