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Yolanda Curtis
May 10, 2017

For context, most players have taken around 20 hours or more to complete the new game developed by Dishonored developer Arkane Studios. While games like Sleeping Dogs have fantastic representation for both Asian men and women, the storyline is centered around the characters and their "otherness". Usually quests and other assignments are given when you're reading documents or listening to audio logs so you don't have to worry about fighting through molasses when a Mimic is attacking you.

As a failsafe, Morgan made a video warning their own self about the dangers of the experimental Neuromods and the Typhon aliens, who are explained as not having any empathy, thought processes or any way to communicate. There are clearing good and bad choices that can change how the story progresses, but it's interesting to see where the story goes when the choices aren't so day and night, but rest in a more gray area.

During a playthrough, you're given the option of either installing human Neuromods or Typhon abilities. Saying that it is an open-world game could be an overstatement due to how it fixates the players into an nearly linear goal, though freedom to do what you want and how to approach it levels things. Plus, the more Typhon abilities you have the more likely you are to have the Nightmare hunting you - a giant Typhon beast that will follow you until he kills you.

Take for instance our tip of checking every computer.

And it's a unusual feeling to have when you're playing a game to still be constantly - and willingly - checking for emails. You've been here for god knows how long, your senses manipulated into reliving the same glamorous morning in an attempt to test the morally dubious superpower-granting technology that's been shoved into your brain.

Prey's real appeal though comes from the ability to harness the Typhon's own powers, including the Mimic's disguise skill and the mind-control of the Telepaths.

The enemies in Prey have to get the spotlight.

So far, Game Informer is one of the rare outlets that have published a full review of Prey.

In space, we recycle. everything.

Now imagine that when they're not only trying to jam tentacles down your throat, but they're camouflaged as the innocuous-looking office chair you're sat on, too. When you do get into combat, the disarmingly sparse soundtrack shifts to pounding, propulsive techno.

Picking up junk and allowing it to take up space in your inventory might seem somewhat tedious, but it's also necessary. Its minimum swing distance and damage really persuade you in to find a new, better weapon quickly this way. The game is designed in an alternate timeline. The game was generally well received and pushed the boundaries of physics to create a game that played differently to other shooters. I'd like to think of Prey as a Bioshock/Dishonoured type of game with the difficulty of Dark Souls.

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