No injuries on ground in plane crash

Cheryl Sanders
May 16, 2017

A private jet that had landed at a MA airport just hours earlier crashed near a small airport in New Jersey yesterday, killing two crew members and sparking a fire that sent thick, black smoke spewing into the air.

Flight data compiled by Flightaware, a website that tracks plane movements, said the Learjet 35 had started the day at Teterboro and flown to MA before flying to Philadelphia.

One witness said she was working at the Manhattan Door Company when the plane came down right outside her office window. Police said the Learjet 35 crashed into a building near the airport sparking a fire that sent thick, black smoke spewing into the air.

Officials said the plane crashed into a parking lot near the buildings that caught fire.

A police officer at Carlstadt Police Department said no one on the ground was reported to have been injured.

The plane had taken off from Philadelphia International Airport where it was being serviced by a company called Atlantic Aviation, a spokeswoman with the Philadelphia airport said.

"Both buildings on both sides of ours on fire, cars on fire in our lot", said Orlando.

There were no injuries on the ground, the police said.

The NTSB said it will inspect the site and initiate its investigation into the crash Tuesday. Update, 7 p.m.: The airport reopened later Monday evening for departing flights, but stayed closed indefinitely to incoming flights.

The National Transportation Safety Board has launched an investigation into the crash.

A Carlstadt police spokesman said the jet appeared to be listing before it crashed.

The plane hit a building in an industrial area, near a township facility, said Joe Orlando, a spokesman for the town of Carlstadt.

The Port Authority of NY and New Jersey and FAA said the Lear Jet 35 was flying out of Philadelphia International Airport and was on approach to the airport's runway No. 1.

Video from the crash showed smoke billowing in the air.

The last employee left the building about 15 minutes before the crash and locked the gate, Lahullier said.

In this image provided by the Town of Carlstadt firefighters respond after a jet crashed into a building near Teterboro Airport in Carlstadt, N.J., Monday, May 15, 2017.

Learjet Model 35 is a small business jet, which is crewed by a pilot and copilot and carries up to eight passengers. It was built in 1981 and is registered to A&C Big Sky Aviation in Billings, Montana. He said pieces of melted engine could be seen in the charred wreckage, along with wheels and part of the fuselage. Witnesses said they heard loud popping noises, apparently from vehicle tires exploding in the heat and flames.

The two pilots were seriously injured, as were two occupants in the auto.

Authorities say everyone on the ground in the areas where a jet crashed near a small airport outside New York City are accounted for and uninjured.

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