New Music From Katy Perry & Nicki Minaj

Carla Harmon
May 19, 2017

To help promote her latest single "Bon Appetit", the singer filmed a video with Vanity Fair, where she posed as part of an art installation at the Whitney Museum. It was freaky, it was awkward, the guest reactions were wonderful, and it was all captured on video by Variety.

Well, Taylor's friend Ruby Rose is not having any of it and took to Twitter to slam Katy's music. After a few shots, though, Derek manages to find some unsuspecting "victims".

While a couple of the guests were seen telling their friends "I think that's Katy Perry", majority appeared to have no clue who she was even after being told her name. But it seems that the new hairstyle is still causing some confusion, as numerous viewers appeared unsure as to whether or not that really was Katy Perry. "And the two-faced capitalist system that we are now living in." "Is she the artist?" one woman asks, indicating the "disembodied" head. "If as many as tweeted me bought her last 3. the'd be hits". The guests figure the head is simply programmed to come to life and say certain things. Katy Perry really is taking the rent-a-rapper route this era, huh!?

Katy's head was covered up under a serving dish as she hid under a picnic table adorned with fruit.

Ruby Rose has got her claws out for Katy Perry's new track Swish Swish. Time to listen to this new song.

But Rose's rant against Perry didn't end there.

Swish Swish will appear on Perry's anticipated fourth album Witness, which is set to arrive on 9 June.

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