Melissa McCarthy Rides Podium Through the Streets of NYC as Sean Spicer

Pablo Tucker
May 14, 2017

McCarthy's reappearance as Spicer couldn't be better timed, coinciding with the beleaguered press secretary's recent reported attempt to hide in the bushes from journalists pelting him with questions about Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey.

"Saturday Night Live" just dropped a fun and fancy-free teaser for this week's episode, hosted by Melissa McCarthy.

With a film crew spotted with her, SNL is presumably filming McCarthy as Spicer for a pre-taped sketch to air on Saturday night's show. But when McCarthy hosts SNL again on May 13, she'll have completed her biggest SNL milestone yet: joining the Five-Timers Club.

Meanwhile the real Spicer has largely been away from the heat surrounding President Trump and his administration; he missed the press briefings Wednesday and Thursday due to previously scheduled Navy Reserve duties, according to the White House. That's the one where McCarthy plays an enthusiastic character named Linda who has a special affinity for Hidden Valley Ranch dressing.

On Instagram, McCarthy shared a gif of herself as Spicer running towards the camera angrily. She also was seen in her Spicer attire.

This week's episode of "SNL" is kind of a special one - it's one of a handful shows this season that will be broadcast live coast to coast.

Appearing on CNN Friday morning, contributor Angela Rye took pity on Press Secretary Sean Spicer's thankless job of having to defend President Donald Trump on a daily basis.

This peek at the upcoming episode comes on the heels of a promo in which McCarthy was transformed into Spicer by a team of makeup artists, to a jaunty soundtrack of "I Feel Pretty".

So, YES, Saturday Night Live is all new tonight!

Passersby captured McCarthy yelling at drivers and attempting to keep up with traffic - presumably shooting a skit or intro for tonight's show.

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