Local political operative swept up in 'dubious' Russian intelligence, per report

Cheryl Sanders
May 30, 2017

The then-FBI director, who Trump recently fired, was reportedly anxious Russians would leak the document if he did not end the probe into the server. The existence of the document has been confirmed by CBS News.

CNN is reporting that former FBI Director James Comey knew that some information about the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server was created by Russian intelligence, but did not disclose that fact when he declared that the investigation into Clinton's activities was over last summer.

When Comey announced the conclusion of the email server probe, he scolded Clinton for exhibiting "extreme carelessness" for setting up her own private email server while working at the State Department, but said he nonetheless would not charge her with any crime.

The documents, which were intercepted from Russian communications, alleged that Lynch had given Hillary Clinton secret assurances that she would not let the FBI investigate her private email server too deeply.

The FBI letter's to Chaffetz on Thursday noted the appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller last week as special counsel to investigate the issue. The intelligence document's existence was first reported on Wednesday. The Americans mentioned in the document insisted they did not know each other and had never spoken, and there was no evidence to back up its veracity.

Should the administration assert privilege, such a claim could set off a separate fight, possibly threatening Comey's expected appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

But the Russians now appear to have likely fabricated the document as part of their operation to spread confusion throughout the US electoral process previous year.

The Washington Post reported Thursday that the Federal Bureau of Investigation received a Russian intelligence document saying the Clinton campaign had an understanding with the Justice Department that Clinton would not be prosecuted over the email inquiry into whether she intentionally revealed classified information through her use of a private email server.

The Post reports Comey feared the email would become public. Comey had also reportedly anxious that this document would leak and mess up the whole investigation because it would look like the Clinton campaign was receiving DOJ favors.

Chaffetz further requests that the FBI identify all responsive documents, regardless of whether the document is within the scope of the special counsel's investigation.

"But I would hope the Department of Justice would do the right thing and provide a full explanation as to why they think Congress shouldn't be able to see these documents". Comey replied that while he had talked about it privately with members of the congressional intelligence committees, he could not discuss it in public.

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