LeBron guides Cavaliers to another clean sweep

Ross Houston
May 20, 2017

Kyrie Irving played the closer role with a huge fourth quarter on his way to 27 points and nine assists. "There's desperation at their end and desperation at our end".

LeBron James had 35 points to top the Cavs, who dispatched the Raptors in six games in last season's Eastern Conference final. "They made threes today, it was tough on us". With 6:38 remaining in the game, the Raptors took a 93-92 lead to finish their comeback from a 16-point deficit. For having the confidence and belief that we can get on track once we get healthy, once we get our rotation set. once we put in our defensive schemes that we can be a good team. They proceeded to go 14-7 without their best player (Kyle Lowry) and when he returned, we were looking at the best Raptors team we've ever seen.

Ibaka, who was acquired with Tucker at February's trade deadline to inject some much-needed toughness, said he hasn't thought about his future, but that "I have fun here". DeMar DeRozan had 22 points and eight assists despite taking an Iman Shumpert knee to the groin in the second quarter.

James absolutely dominated the Raptors in the second round, averaging 36 points on 48 percent three-point shooting. "You've got to go two blocks, but if there's traffic, it'll take you an hour to get somewhere that's two minutes away". "The guy we just lost to (James), he's 32 years old, he's still playing at a 25-year-old pace".

Following a replay review, Cleveland's Iman Shumpert was called for a technical foul in the second after he kneed DeRozan in the groin area while going up for a jump shot, an incident that left DeRozan lying on the court in pain.

Maybe the best thing for Lowry would be to just take the money to stay in Toronto, cement his status as a local hero, and get comfortable with the fact that LeBron James is beyond his reach. Now, all we can do is sit back and appreciate the greatness of LeBron James. Still, Kyrie finished the game with nine assists and just one turnover.

Kyle Korver, who was deadly late in Game 3, got started with the kill shots much earlier in Game 4: he was 4-for-6 from three-point range in the second quarter alone, which was one more three-pointer than the entire Toronto team made in the first half.

In a stat that I had to look at several times from several sources to make sure was accurate, the Cavaliers outscored the Raptors in fast break points by a 16-0 margin.

"You have to give them credit, they are a heck of a 3-point-shooting team", DeRozan said.

"There's not a player on our roster that should not work on their 3-point shot if they want to get more time", Casey said. They do a great job of getting him going and it showed tonight. They are a totally different team defensively and definitely offensively [since the end of the regular season].

The one player who was going to have an impact regardless of the situation, regardless of the score. The teams the Cavs will face in successive rounds should be a little more sophisticated in their attacks than the Raptors, which means a sweep likely won't come as easy in the conference finals.

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