Labour manifesto pledges £25bn package for education

Cheryl Sanders
May 27, 2017

Speaking at the launch of the Labour manifesto at Bradford University before campaigning in Huddersfield and Leeds, Mr Corbyn declined to put a figure on how much extra Government borrowing his plans would involve.

If it wins the June 8 General Election, the party will lower the threshold for the 45p rate of income tax from £150,000 to £80,000 and introduce a new 50p rate on earnings over £123,000, raising a total of £6.4 billion a year from the top 5% of earners.

"What we see from Labour's proposals today is they don't add up and their nonsensical economic policies mean that it is ordinary working families that would pay the price of Labour's coalition of chaos".

In what its leader Jeremy Corbyn called "a blueprint of what Britain could be", Labour promised to renationalize rail and mail services and water utilities and take some of the energy sector into public hands to better control prices.

"For seven years the Conservatives have been holding Britain back", Corbyn said.

"And that's wrong. We can see that politics is broken, and I think Brexit is a symptom of that".

Len McCluskey, general secretary of the Unite union, told Politico it would be a success for Labour if it could hold onto 200 seats in the 650-seat House of Commons - or 29 fewer than the party now holds. This will benefit staff, who are among our worst-paid workers, and improve child development.

The Labour Party says it will scrap tuition fees in England, which were increased to more than £9,000 a year under the coalition government.

An Ipsos MORI survey for the Evening Standard gave Labour an eight point jump in popularity, while a YouGov poll for The Times gave Jeremy Corbyn's party a two-point boost.

McCluskey said his own support for Corbyn was rock solid and he praised Labour's election manifesto, which was launched on Tuesday and promises renationalisation of some services and measures to curb corporate excess.

"I see leadership as not dictating but leadership is also about listening".

For early years, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn promises 30 hours of free childcare during term-time for all two-year-olds - now 15 hours is available to the poorest 40%.

Chief Secretary to the Treasury David Gauke said Corbyn "has made so many unfunded spending commitments it is clear that Labour would have to raise taxes dramatically because his sums don't add up".

Polls show Labour is more trusted by voters on the NHS, education and housing, while the Conservatives do better concerning the economy, immigration, law and tax.

"He's got now just under four weeks to try to see if you can break through that image and it's going to be a very, very hard task.whether that breakthrough can happen, we'll wait and see".

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