General election 2017: Labour unveils pledges costing £48.6bn

Cheryl Sanders
May 17, 2017

It promises big increases in spending on health, social care and education, including the abolition of third-level tuition fees.

Labour said this would only affect five percent of taxpayers and there would be no increase in sales tax.

Mr Foster, who became an MP in the 1997 Tony Blair-inspired landslide, has been consistently critical of Mr Corbyn.

Corbyn addressed those accusations, saying: "The other major party contending this election is really, really forward-looking: they are going to bring back fox hunting and grammar schools".

"Labour will ban fracking because it would lock us into an energy infrastructure based on fossil fuels, long after the point in 2030 when the Committee on Climate Change says gas in the United Kingdom must sharply decline", the manifesto unveiled by Labour's leader Jeremy Corbyn read. They have benefitted from tax cuts and bumper salaries while millions have struggled.

"I say to our children, whatever the postcode you're born in, we will make sure you have the same chance as every other child".

Labour will also promise to renationalize the railways, the Royal Mail postal service and water companies, according to various reports.

The current 45% top rate of income tax would apply to earnings over £80,000 ($103,000) a year, down from £150,000 ($193,000) at present.

Corbyn promised a Labour government would immediately guarantee the rights of EU citizens in Britain and during Brexit negotiations would aim to maintain access to the European single market.

However, McCluskey's remarks are likely to be seized upon by Corbyn's opponents inside the party as evidence that the leadership has all but given up hope of winning the election and has turned its attention to lowering expectations in order for Corbyn to cling to power after June 8.

In a statement the UKOOG said: "The Labour Party should know that this manifesto has been published during a period when gas is contributing to almost half of the UK's electricity generation".

The event came after the party was hit by an embarrassing leak which saw a draft of the plans released to the press a week ahead of its official launch.

"It's one of the first time in generations that the Labour party membership's views have translated themselves so closely into a manifesto".

Mr Corbyn also promised to raise the minimum wage to £10 per hour and keep pensions rising faster than wages and inflation.

The party claims axing dividends to shareholders and reducing interest payments on debts will mean cheaper water, gas and electricity for consumers.

On Scotland, oppose a second referendum on independence, as called for by the nationalist government in Edinburgh after the Brexit vote.

He said: 'Because the extent of those kinds of responses is very uncertain, the amount of extra revenue these higher tax rates would raise is also very uncertain.

"The question isn't what people are promising but can you believe that people will deliver what they're promising?"

But what's clear from the 124-page document is that on the economic measures at least, this is unadulterated Jeremy Corbyn.

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