Chinese Railway Worker Narrowly Saves Suicidal Student Jumping in Front of Train

Pablo Tucker
May 13, 2017

Upon seeing the college student racing towards the tracks, the man chased her and grabbed her arm before she could jump.

Surveillance footage from the high-speed railway station shows the woman running to the edge of the platform.

Two more people can be seen rushing over to help him as the train arrives at the platform. She suddenly attempts to jump onto the railway tracks as a train approaches on the other side of the platform.

The mother is soon seen scrambling to save the little girl after becoming trapped while aware of the train about to leave the station.

Weng reportedly received 6,000 Chinese yuan (£675) as reward for his act of bravery.

When the woman entered the platform after checking her ticket at around 4:50 pm, Weng asked for her carriage number, but she did not answer. That's what happened with a woman in China who tried to kill herself.

Earlier in February, a toddler was saved from a frightening accident in north western China's Qinghai province.

The woman was not hurt, but Weng's head was injured after falling to the ground while struggling to pull the woman back. Visit this website to find a support phone number in your country.

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