Cavs move within one win of rematch

Ross Houston
May 25, 2017

That will allow for fans to see Game 4 tonight, as well as Game 5 on Thursday night from Boston. That moment in the second half when he missed that one shot was a flawless encapsulation of his rough night. They have a clear incentive to use that first pick to draft Fultz, as well as plenty of tradeable assets to give the Celtics.

Much of the attention will be given to Kyrie Irving, and it's deserved.

The heir to LeBron James' throne scored 42 points in a playoff game last night.

"Coming out of halftime I just wanted to be aggressive, lead my guys and leave it all out there on the floor", Irving said. Boston made a point to spread the wealth.

The first hint that LeBron has put all that behind him was his performance.

In life, the better you are at something, the more haters seem to come out of the woodwork. "That's just a hard trade to make", he said, according to WBZ News' Adam Kaufman.

The Celtics caught the Cavs at 95-all on Smart's 3-pointer and then matched the James and Co. basket for basket in the final minutes in one of the most entertaining games of what has been a mostly boring postseason.

"I said that before the series even started about Brad Stevens' ATOs", James said.

"Griff did a great job of just putting some pieces together, and sometimes, I even marvel at it going home because we basically have nearly a 10-guy rotation out there and it becomes very unsafe with all different guys out there, different lineups, and we match up very well with nearly any team", Irving said. "And I actually challenged the fan and said, 'What have you done?' And the fan said, 'I played local high school basketball".

"What are you going to do?" said Cleveland's Kevin Love. Hustle is guaranteed. Defense comes standard. When he gets going like that, he's tough to stop.

In the game-changing second half, Boston had 12 rebounds.

The Cavs' apparent listlessness didn't make sense: more playoff games mean more work and a greater risk of injury before the finals.

But James went just 4 of 13 from the field, missing all four 3-pointers. "Not shooting the basketball well, not scoring well, it happens". Hayward also played 11 games in the playoffs and played even better than he did in the regular season which is a good sign to see out of a player.

Lue praised the Cavs fans. The guard made layups with either hand, wonderful spin shots kissing the glass backboard and the flawless angles to drop through the rim. He scored 21 points on 9-of-10 shooting.

He also had seven assists, five rebounds and two steals. The Cavs had a slim lead at the time, but Irving going down could've been devastating. It revved the sellout crowd of 20,562.

Haters only go after the best-it makes them feel like something. "We have so many veterans and we're led by so many veteran leaders on this team that help us stay focused and help us stay grounded".

The Boston Celtics will be aiming to stave off elimination after falling to the Cleveland Cavaliers by 112-99 in Game 4 to fall behind by 3-1 in the series.

If anything, it's the four fouls in Game 4 that still twirl in his head, not the 11 points in Game 3.

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