Cavaliers and Warriors set for ultimate Finals

Ross Houston
May 31, 2017

Golden State would be wise to make sure no unsung heroes appear to aid the Cavs effort.

Very quietly, Kevin Love has put together an impressive playoff run. San Francisco 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman, the superior player at the time, used to tell tall-and-lanky Durant to be aggressive, to take it to the hoop. There's James (2.6-to-1 payout), if you believe the Cavaliers can pull off the upset again. Bowman recalled with a grin. It's probably the Warriors stomping the Cavaliers, sweeping them out in four games, right? It's really that simple. They don't compare. And even if the Cavs manage to smash apart the Warriors offensive strategy, it becomes a matchup of LeBron and Kyrie vs. KD and Steph. MJ won six titles, and LeBron is seeking his fourth, beginning on Thursday in the NBA Finals against Golden State.

The moment that all National Basketball Association fans have been waiting for all season is almost here.

He stayed cool last spring when Cleveland fought back from a 3-1 deficit to win its first title. I'll side with revenge for the second straight season and pick the Warriors in 6 games.

So good are the Warriors, who have finished with the NBA's best record in each of the last three seasons and added four-times scoring champion Durant last offseason, that Van Gundy referred to the 2015 National Basketball Association champions as a "dynasty". Even with their good defense, the Warriors can not allow the postseason's best offense to get extra looks.

Let's get back to those numbers. LeBron may continue to laugh in the face of Father Time, but the Warriors simply have too much talent to bet against them.

June 1, at Oracle Arena, 9 p.m. This is obvious, but it's worth stepping back and really considering the fact that a team that won 73 games last season is now 12-0 in the playoffs, and is heading into the NBA Finals with a healthy Steph Curry and Kevin fucking Durant. Lue made subtle tweaks to his rotation, drew up key inbounds plays, then isolated Irving late in Game 7 on Curry. The Eastern Conference Finals weren't as easy as the first two rounds of the postseason for Cleveland. The last three MVP awards were awarded to Golden State players.

Just how good are the Cavs and Warriors?

Except those Warriors aren't these Warriors. Outside of the Warriors this season, LeBron has played seven 60-win squads... with a 3-4 record.

Durant is the difference.

The first one featured a glorious, nearly revolutionary Warriors team - back when you all loved Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson and even Draymond Green - temporarily brought to its knees by LeBron James and 11 short guys named Matt.

"Just challenge him, challenge him", Durant said of his approach to LeBron.

"I feel good about our chances", LeBron James said this week.

Cavaliers blow 3-1 lead: The Cavs going up 3-1 doesn't seem likely - unless the Warriors allow it.

We won't know until we see it, but part of Golden State's game plan should be directly attacking No. 23 more than we've seen in years past.

Now while the Cavs defense has improved during the playoffs, consider who they were playing and compare them to what the Warriors bring to the table. They're rested. They're healthy. If the answer is yes and Golden State struggles a lot in this series then maybe Thompson will be overworked and that alone will raise some serious questions in Oakland.

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