BC election results are 'beginning of something different,' Clark says

Cheryl Sanders
May 16, 2017

There are also absentee ballots yet to count, so the actual mix in the Legislature will not be known for a couple of weeks.

The results saw the NDP form government with 60 seats. Forty-four seats was needed for a majority.

One day ahead of the provincial election Tuesday, students cast ballots in a Student Vote parallel election put on by CIVIX, a national registered charity dedicated to building citizenship skills among young Canadians.

In that riding, students picked city councillor and NDP candidate Anne Kang over Rick McGowan of the Green Party.

Norman Ruff, a professor emeritus of political science at the University of Victoria, said Wednesday it's more likely the Liberals or the NDP would enter some kind of deal with the Greens in exchange for their support in propping up the government. "People across British Columbia have shown that they are ready for politics to be done differently".

That might not seem hard.

In a breakthrough for Andrew Weaver's Greens, the party won three seats, all on Vancouver Island.

An erroneous story appeared on a TV station website that described Weaver as preferring to work with the B.C. Liberals.

Tuesday's election delivered 43 seats to the Liberals, 41 to the New Democrats and three to the Green Party, exposing a deep political divide in the province that is both ideological and geographical. In every case, the BC Liberals suffered significant losses, in some cases thousands of votes.

They previously brought forward legislation banning union and corporate political campaign donations on seven occasions, only to see it squashed by the Liberal majority. He could demand the Liberals agree to give the Greens' official party status, even though that has required four MLAs. Their supporters were voting for change, from proportional representation to better environmental protection to access to child care.

The extremely close provincial election has left a large proportion of the electorate unhappy, a new Insights West poll reveals. The BC Liberals oppose them all.

The cheers coming from the crowd at the Academy of Arts on McTavish Road in North Saanich are deafening throughout the night as results from ridings are announced and BC Green Party candidates start racking up the votes.

It might take days or a bit longer - but either way, the decaying 16-year B.C. Liberal government with its despicable sense of privileged entitlement and dedication to big money, pay for play politics - is going to be turfed. Practically, those are essential for the party's future. The NDP had only a marginal 0.14 per cent bump in popular support to 39.85 per cent.

It might be an opportunity for the Greens, but it's also a perilous situation.

"It's entirely possible, first of all, that it won't be a minority government", he said.

Of course, all this could change.

Andrew Wilkinson, advanced education minister in Clark's government, said definitive results might not be available until the end of the month when absentee ballots and judicial recounts must be completed. Recounts will nearly certainly be held in key ridings.

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