Arrests made as thousands rally in US for against Trump

Cheryl Sanders
May 3, 2017

In cities large and small, the protests intensified throughout the day.

The protesters are beating a drum chanting "the people united will never be defeated" in English and Spanish.

Thousands of workers and immigrants came out to the streets this May Day in solidarity with one another. So many who come to the United States are victims of USA wars such as Hondurans whose country is under a dictatorship thanks to Hillary Clinton's support for its right wing regime or Palestinians forced from their country by the US -backed apartheid state of Israel. In 2013, rallies in Asia protested low pay, the rising cost of living and deplorable working conditions.

Wearing a bright orange t-shirt with the words "Fight for $15", marcher Ely Rivera explained his need for higher wages. It is not enough to say that immigrants should be welcome here. He has to take three or four busses to get to work, leaving little time leftover for another job. Secretary Kelly stated: "The president's budget requests demonstrate a renewed focus on supporting the hard work of the men and women of the Department of Homeland Security". That figure more than doubles for a single working adult with a child.

New York's communist mayor, Bill de Blasio, spent the day trying to infect others with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Jeb! Bush once said in a presidential debate that Donald Trump was the "chaos candidate", and he would be the "chaos president". On May 1, 2006 hundreds of thousands of immigrants and immigrants' rights advocates took to the streets to condemn exploitative practices and hypocritical policies that continue to pervade the American workforce.

"Workers make everything happen", said Tom Linebarger, a 74-year-old retired painter who drove from Redwood City to take part in San Jose's rally and march. One protester carried a sign saying bridges should be built instead of walls, referring to President Donald Trump's plans to build a wall between the USA and Mexico. ICE said that 90 percent of the 163 picked up with traffic offenses had been convicted of drunk driving, which ICE considers makes them a public safety threat and deserving of deportation. "We are going to beat all the anti-immigrant rules being proposed right here in Harrisburg and we are also going to stop Trump's raids and the wall". He argues it disproportionately impacts people of color more than those who are white. "Organizers say that likely drove down turnout for the march today because people are scared". Rodriguez called on workers to remain united.

The Movimiento Cosecha, a movement that campaigns for the rights of the estimated 11 million undocumented people in the United States, rallied its activists for a nationwide strike and called for a "day without immigrants" on Monday.

In addition to rallies, immigrant rights activists in communities in Indiana, Massachusetts, Texas and elsewhere are calling for strikes to show Americans the demand for immigrant labor and immigrants' purchasing power. Unions in Greece marched and critiqued austerity measures.

While the annual day to celebrate workers - which falls on May Day - is not specific to immigrant laborers, this year's rally at the courthouse focused on immigration reform.

Meanwhile Trump's immigration roundups have already led to an increase in deportations of undocumented immigrants without a criminal record.

About 200 participants from across Pennsylvania lent their voices to what organizers said is the increased momentum here in the Commonwealth but also the country in the push back against what is widely seen in this sector as the hardline immigration policies and rhetoric coming out of the Trump administration.

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