Amazon opens first brick and mortar NY bookshop

Andrew Cummings
May 27, 2017

Borders, for instance, occupied space in the same Columbus Circle shopping center until 2011 when the company shuttered all of its almost 400 retail locations.

The New York store - a modest 370m2 compared with the multistory premises of rival Barnes & Noble Inc - occupies a prime spot at Columbus Circle opposite Central Park.

While some may be excited that this is an "Amazon Store", similar to Apple and Microsoft's respective flagship stores located just blocks away, Amazon says its goal for the new store is the same as it was when the online retail giant first started two decades ago: To sell books.

Amazon opens first brick and mortar NY bookshop

Amazon Prime members get discounted prices If you're not a Prime member you have to pay the list price for the book, which can be vastly different than the Prime price.

The Columbus Circle store, on the third-floor of the Time Warner Center, carries 3,000 book titles as well as Amazon tech products for consumers to test out and buy.

Some of the store's first customers welcomed the arrival of a new book store in a city where many book vendors have been forced to shutter in recent years. To someone who walks in to browse, it feels like a high-tech Barnes and Noble. Each book is rated 4 stars or above on Amazon. So the decision to open bookstores may seem perplexing.

And while its bricks and mortar offering is unlikely to develop into a huge segment of Amazon's business, it is another way to boost brand awareness, at the very least.

Kindles are even placed on the shelves alongside the traditional paperbacks and hardcovers as a way to showcase the digital alternative.

Many shoppers asked if books could be taken home after purchase. There are sections for books that have received over 10,000 reviews on Amazon, "quick read" books that Kindle users have finished in less than three days and a whole wall recreating the "customers who like this, also like" feature from There are already locations open in Seattle, San Diego, Portland, Chicago, and in the towns of Lynnfield and Dedham, Massachusetts. Additional bookstores are slated to open in California and Washington this year, raising the company's total number of stores to thirteen.

You can check prices and pay through your Amazon app By scanning the barcode via the Amazon app you can see its Prime price, and at the checkout can pay for anything via your existing Amazon account.

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