Almost half of Trump's Twitter followers are fake

Cheryl Sanders
May 31, 2017

On Tuesday, a separate tweet from author John Niven asserted that many new Twitter accounts did not have corresponding photos. Trump tweeted. That message was retweeted - passed to other Twitter users - almost 28,000 times. They also appear to have been made in May 2017.

Each audit takes a sample of up to 5,000 Twitter followers for a user and calculates a score for each follower.

Still, Trump's peculiar Twitter following in the last month has stoked speculation about the veracity of his Twitter followers.

Problem is, numerous followers appear to be fake.

Since February 7th, the president has gained nearly 7 million followers, Social Rank reports.

One said: 'Did Donald Trump actually buy 3 million followers how insecure is he?'

Publications like Newsweek, The New York Daily News, and Mashable, have picked up on the Twitter action, analyzing Trump's new followers and implying they could have been purchased. "The reason I haven't deleted it is because it brought awareness to the bot situation".

Indeed, in past instances, pro-Trump bot accounts have reportedly boosted some tweets supporting the president.

Barrack Obama has 89 million followers, the third-most Twitter followers of anyone on the planet (only Katy Perry and Justin Biber have more). Either allies or enemies could be looking to swell followers of his Twitter account, and retweet anything he posts, the report says. According to Twitter Audit Report, a website that analyzes how many of an account's followers are real people, just under half of those aren't real: 15.9 million are authentic, and 15 million aren't, for a 51% reality rate. However, in January his Twitter followers likely included 32 percent bot and/or otherwise fake account.

In case you're wondering, 79 percent of Obama's followers are real.

It's next to impossible to know if Donald Trump himself is behind his recent surge of (largely fake) Twitter followers, or if any of the new millions of followers were "bot and paid for".

Or maybe Trump and his team are trying to make up for some lost followers without anyone being the wiser.

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