Allegations of Abuse, Mismanagement Shadow Gains Against ISIS

Cheryl Sanders
May 31, 2017

The US has begun shipping weapons to the Syrian Kurdish militia that the Trump administration has enlisted as an ally in the fight to wipe out Islamic State terrorists in Syria, according to Reuters.

Government officials have not commented on exactly what arms will be sent, but in the past the US has provided the Syrian rebels with ammo, rifles, armor, radios, bulldozers, vehicles, and engineering equipment, according to NBC.

Amid reports of United States delivering arms to the Kurdish-controlled northern Syrian city of Hasakah in recent weeks, Turkish President Recep Erdogan called the USA decision "a mistake" and urged U.S. authorities to "reverse it immediately". "Every single one" of the weapons will be accounted for and the US will "assure they are pointed at" IS, he said.

Neither would give any specifics about what the U.S. is sending the the Syrian Democratic Forces - also known as "YPG" - or how those items are being delivered.

Currently, the US -led coalition against the IS is backing the SDF, comprised of mostly the People's Protection Units (YPG) Kurds and some local Arabs.

The US-led coalition fighting ISIS in Syria has called on forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad to move away from a crossing on the border with Iraq.

"Any violation of the law of armed conflict would be unacceptable and should be investigated in a transparent manner and those deemed responsible held accountable", he said.

In northern Syria, rebels are concerned that Syrian Kurdish forces will mirror the actions of the peshmerga and use the fight against IS to expand the land they control, ultimately creating a separate state by pushing out ethnic Arabs.

An Amnesty International fact-finding mission to northern Syria in 2015 uncovered forced displacement of Arab residents carried out by Kurdish forces that the group said amounted to war crimes.

Earlier Tuesday, Syria's state media and the Observatory said at least 13 civilians were killed when IS militants shelled government-held neighborhoods in the eastern city of Deir el-Zour.

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