WWE Officials Have Scrapped Multiple Feuds For Raw After Payback

Carla Harmon
April 30, 2017

With Wrestlemania 33 now in the rear-view mirror, and Brock Lesnar more or less AWOL until WWE (inevitably) decides to pair him with Roman Reigns or Braun Strowman, it's time for Monday Night Raw's newer draft signings and other midcard titles to step into the spotlight.

Our live coverage begins at 7 p.m. ET. Instead there are two matches featuring talent from SmackDown Live which has made the build to some of the card rather weak, but on the other hand, the show also features some matches that have been very well built and overall the card looks strong enough to be a good show; let's break it down.

United States Championship - Kevin Owens (c) vs. Chris Jericho: This one is kind of easy to predict. Kevin Owens is the younger star and needs to win to validate his place in the main roster.

The third match with major storyline implications may be the matchup between Seth Rollins and Samoa Joe. Finn Balor's comeback hasn't been as exciting as most fans assumed it'd be months ago, but a good feud and win over Miz will be great for Balor to get the ball rolling. It also seems like WWE sneakily removed the WWE Championship from being on the line so that if Wyatt wins, SmackDown isn't without a big title. I'm going to say Rollins gets the victory to get revenge on Samoa Joe for legitimately injuring him.

Aries will be wise to Neville's tricks, and if he has "Gentleman" Jack Gallagher at his side, I would expect Aries to finally dethrone The King of the Cruiserweights. Even so, you'd think that WWE could add some sort of stipulation to this to make it seem like it actually matters.

Along with that; the United States Championship will be defended as Kevin Owens will be putting his championship on the line against his former best friend Chris Jericho.

AS: Could see Rollins going over here, but the move is to extend the feud between these two considering it does not look like Rollins is headed for the immediate universal title picture. Raw Women's Champion Bayley and Sasha Banks are very good, but they're not as good as Charlotte, and former SmackDown Women's Champion Alexa Bliss isn't even close.

Why you should care: These two had themselves a high-quality Mania match, but it was on the pre-show. The Hardy Boyz are back, even though they are now more like Hardy Men.

Based on the past few weeks, it sure seems like either Sheamus or Cesaro will lose his cool and cost his team the match. In their first bout at WM33, it was a great match in which Neville had to resort to dirty tactics (i.e.an eye rake) to escape Aries' Last Chancery submission, before pulling out a Red Arrow to retain. Eight matches are on the card, and most of the champions are prohibitive favorites.

The Hardy Boyz' return has been spectacular, it has lived up to fans expectations and seeing them back in a WWE ring is fantastic for someone who was their biggest fan in the Attitude Era. WWE has already begun teasing a feud between Owens and AJ Styles for the U.S. Title, and it would make little sense for Jericho to win Sunday. Now, with Triple H defeated and shamed off television for the last few weeks, and Stephanie McMahon injured in the match when she tried to interfere, Joe is here to fight for his bosses and put the hurting on Seth that they could not. Orton seemed to be the logical victor when it appeared that he'd be defending his WWE Championship, but now it seems that the title won't be on the line.

In the long term, WWE's booking is much better for everyone. Roman Reigns' whole thing is that he's a one-man army, and that he's unstoppable. Personally, it's just hard to believe otherwise at the end of the day. Reigns hasn't appeared on television since the beatdown he received from Strowman almost three weeks ago.

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