United Airlines Controversy: New Footage Shows Passenger's Conversation With Security

Cheryl Sanders
April 13, 2017

In a bid to quell the uproar after a man was forcibly removed from an overbooked aircraft in Chicago, United Airlines has announced all passengers on that flight will be fully reimbursed.

Cellphone video of the bloodied passenger, 69-year-old David Dao of Elizabethtown, Kentucky, has become a public-relations nightmare for United and led to the suspension of three police officers who worked for the Chicago Department of Aviation.

His legal team plans to hold a news conference tomorrow to discuss the matter with reporters.

The video also shows him mentioning the possibility of a lawsuit over the phone as he explains to someone that he is being asked to leave the flight, but it's unclear who he is speaking with.

The passenger was identified Tuesday as Dr. David Dao.

"I think my reaction to most issues is to get the facts and circumstances", he added.

But they say if the passenger posed no threat and wasn't disruptive, the officers nearly certainly could have tried an approach other than dragging him out of his seat and down the aisle.

He recalled that the crew member "got very preemptory at that point and said, "If you are not going to give up your seat voluntarily, I will summon security and I will have you escorted off the plane" in handcuffs". "You have an obligation", Murphy said.

Confused, the cop questions Dr Dao seeking to clarify what he has said.

"You'd rather go to jail that just get off the plane?" he asks.

Before the clip cuts out Dr Dao is heard complaining that he has travelled "almost 24 hours" coming from LA, and protests further.

The Chicago Department of Aviation swiftly put the officer who removed Dao on leave, saying he had violated standard procedures and that the agency would not "tolerate that kind of action".

"I don't wish anybody harm", one New York-based Delta flight attendant said of the United incident, "but it took us off of the front page".

The embattled CEO has appeared on US TV overnight in full corporate damage control.

"This could never, would never happen again on a United Airlines flight", Munoz told "Good Morning America" in his first interview since the fracas. "Probably the word "ashamed" comes to mind".

Now, throw in a dash of social media, and suddenly the world sees the proof, whether it's United mistreating a paying customer, a police officer assaulting an unarmed civilian, or, say, a dealership employee committing fraud or another act fraught with disrespect for the customer.

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