Trump speaks at joint press conference with Jordan's King Abdullah

Cheryl Sanders
April 8, 2017

It will be a shorter fight than a lot of people are thinking about, believe me.

"We've had a very good round of talks today, and I'm looking forward to continuing these discussions later on in our meetings after the press conference", His Majesty said. Vice President Mike Pence will also attend. "Whether it's the Middle East".

The new possibility of peace talks and creation of a Palestinian state dovetails with Trump's announced goal of achieving a lasting Mideast accord, something that eluded US presidents for decades.

"It ensures statehood for the Palestinians, but also security, acceptance and normal ties for Israel with all Arab countries and, hopefully, all Islamic countries", Abdullah added.

For now, Trump envoys are trying to get Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to curb settlement construction on war-won lands and ease economic restrictions on Palestinians — a traditional US move when trying to restart Israeli-Palestinian talks.

In an interview several weeks later, he clarified that he would be "satisfied with whatever [solution] makes both parties happy".

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has shown no signs of slowing down. He has not reneged on the principle of a two-state solution, but most of his Cabinet members oppose the idea.

Once again, Melania Trump stepped out from the crowd and made the most stylish appeared in the color of the year: emerald green. "And he knows how to fight", Trump said.

More than half a million Israelis live in Jewish-only settlements across the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, according to leading Israeli rights group B'Tselem.

"At this juncture, given the conflicts in the region along with the deterioration of the peace process, the status quo is not sustainable", he said.

"Since the earliest days of the campaign against ISIS, Jordan has been a staunch ally and partner, and we thank you for that. You're now talking about a whole different level", he said.

"The heavy lifting in fighting challenges has to be done by all Arab countries and the global community... to bring better days to all of us", he stated.

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