Trudeau to address Commons, says Canada supports U.S. missile strike in Syria

Cheryl Sanders
April 7, 2017

President Trump has launched airstrikes in Syria in response to deadly chemical attacks allegedly ordered by the country's president, Bashar Assad, against his own people.

Showing his support for the Tomahawk missile attack, Schneider said it is "absolutely clear that Syria's use of chemical weapons can not go without a response, not just from the United States but from the entire global community".

"Assad choked out the lives of innocent men, women and children", said Mr Trump at his Florida resort of Mar-a-Lago. Turkish experts found evidence civilians were targeted with chlorine and possibly sarin, a toxic nerve agent.

Kalin said making Shayrat air base unusable is an important response to stop the use of chemical and conventional weapons on civilians.

"Tonight I ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in Syria from where the chemical attack was launched".

"In words and actions President Trump sent a strong and clear response: The use of chemical weapons is unacceptable", Netanyahu said in a statement.

The Syrian military said at least 6 people were killed and several were wounded in the strikes on the air base.

His statement comes hours after the USA military attacked the Shayrat Airfield in central Syria, which American officials believe was used to carry out a deadly chemical attack on Tuesday. The Russian military, which is a supporter of the Assad regime, was notified in advance of the strike, USA officials said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also hailed the USA airstrike on Shayrat Airbase.

Also on Friday, Syrian President Bashar Assad called the USA strike "reckless" and "irresponsible" while Syria's army decried the strike as "an outrageous aggression" and declared the US a "partner with ISIS, Nusra, and other terrorist groups", CBS News reported. In 2013 President Obama said that the use of chemical weapons was a red line and he warned the Syrian President not to cross it. Most Americans probably won't see a massive distinction between bombing one set of bad guys in Syria or another, unless this evolves into something much larger and more unsafe.

FRANCE/GERMANY: In a joint statement, President Francois Hollande and Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Assad bore "sole responsibility" for the United States strike following the suspected chemical attack.

"We see that a number of Western countries, in particular the United States, already claim that this chemical attack was carried out by the forces of al-Assad".

The Syrian army said a USA missile attack on one of its airbases killed six people and caused extensive damage, adding it would respond by continuing its campaign to "crush terrorism" and restore peace and security to all of Syria. Apparently, Russia was given several warnings, informing them that the targeted airbase will be under attack exclusively because there were Russians at the said base.

Alaa Alyousef, a resident of Khan Sheikhoun, said the USA missile attack "alleviates a small part of our suffering", but he said he anxious it would be an "anesthetic" that numbs their pain and saves face for the worldwide community.

USA officials have not provided any details on casualties and whether Syrians or others, including Russians military, may have been in the area when the missiles struck. Both those who have long called for his forcible removal and those who believe any military intervention to be wrong and unsafe may well ask what has changed. "The President needs Congressional authorization for military action as required by the Constitution", said Sen. John McCain, R-Az., advocating that US forces take out the Syrian air force.

Instead his administration remained focused on tackling the threat from ISIL while his most senior diplomats had said that removing Mr Al Assad was not a priority for America but a matter for the Syrian people.

Others like Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff and Senator Rand Paul questioned the actions of the Trump administration.

A Syrian opposition group, the Syrian Coalition, said the United States attack puts an end to an age of "impunity" and should herald the start of a larger campaign against Damascus.

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