The sad saga of North Korea's ATMs

Cheryl Sanders
April 24, 2017

Last week, Vice President Mike Pence toured the demilitarized zone that separates the North from South Korea, and declared that "all options were on the table" and that Kim should not test the U.S.'s "strength and resolve". "China may not have the key to this solution ... but we are happy that more sides are accepting our point of view", he added.

President Xi Jinping called for restraint when dealing with North Korea during a telephone call with President Donald Trump, Chinese state media reported Monday.

Wang said that there were already enough shows of force and confrontation at present and that "we need to make peaceful and rational voices".

We call on North Korea to refrain from provocative, destabilising actions and rhetoric, and to make strategic choice to fulfil its worldwide obligations and commitments and return to serious talks.

US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, speaking on NBC's "Today" programme, said the United States and the worldwide community were maintaining pressure on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un but were "not trying to pick a fight with him".

A North Korean state-run newspaper has responded by saying that they are ready to strike and sink any carrier in the continental USA and Asia Pacific Region. "It's also a resolve to point a double-action revolver against the United States and China because he is a USA citizen who worked in China".

North Korea says its nuclear programme is for self-defence and has warned the United States of a nuclear attack in response to any aggression.

Trump also spoke Monday with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and they agreed to urge North Korea to refrain from what Abe called provocative actions.

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The Ryugyong Commercial Bank isn't a very well-known entity outside of North Korea. "Together with the global community, we will hold the Kim Jung-un regime accountable for its risky and reckless actions and serious human rights abuses through a robust worldwide campaign to cut the DPRK off from the rest of the world through diplomatic, security, and economic measures".

Against this backdrop of tensions on the peninsula, the issue of North Korean refugees in Chinese detention was raised on Monday by Human Rights Watch.

Tensions have soared in recent months as North Korean missile tests have brought ever-more bellicose warnings from Trump's administration - and repeated demands for China do more to help.

Confusion had clouded the carrier's whereabouts after Trump earlier indicated the "armada" was steaming towards North Korea when in fact it was heading south and was photographed off Java.

"This is only going to inflame the situation and make it more hard for us to resolve the overarching issue of getting North Korea to stop developing a nuclear weapon", Locke said.

In Sydney, Pence maintained calls for Pyongyang's sole ally China to do more to rein in its neighbor. Like a lot of things that the North Korean state says, this is nearly definitely not true.

Two Japanese destroyers joined the USS Carl Vinson and two other US warships as they continued their journey north in the western Pacific Ocean, the US Navy said in a statement. He added that Australia and the U.S. were "absolutely united" in their determination to achieve a nuclear-free Korean peninsula.

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