Russian strike kills 18 civilians in Syria's Idlib: monitor

Cheryl Sanders
April 15, 2017

Pressed to clarify, McMaster said the goals of fighting the Islamic State and ousting Syria's president were somewhat "simultaneous" and that the objective of the missile strike was to send a "strong political message to Assad". Nothing will be achieved. Syria's use and possession of sarin, if proven, would be a major violation and clear indication it did not abide by the 2013 deal.

"This man who is now in office in America claimed that he wanted to fight terrorism but today all terrorists in Syria are celebrating the U.S. attack", he said.

"These unauthorized attacks could pull the United States into a regional war and escalate this unprecedented humanitarian crisis", their statement said.

A political solution to the war in Syria is not possible with President Bashar al-Assad in power, the USA ambassador to the United Nations has said in an apparent hardening of the Trump administration's position.

He said Britain called on Russian Federation to do everything possible to bring about a "political settlement in Syria".

"Let's think about the possible reasons for Russia's failure". It could be that Russian Federation has been incompetent in its efforts to remove the chemical weapons.

"Using chemical weapons is an atrocity", Democratic Sen.

Together we can bring an end to the needless suffering of the Syrian people.

Mr Tillerson will go ahead with his visit to Russian Federation to deliver a "clear and coordinated" message to Moscow, which continues to deny Syrian forces used chemical weapons last week.

"If Russia wants to be absolved of responsibility for future attacks, [President] Vladimir Putin needs to enforce commitments, dismantle Assad's chemical weapons arsenal for good and get fully engaged" with the United Nations peace process on Syria.

Use of chlorine weapons is prohibited under the global chemical weapons convention, but production of chlorine is not.

The attack has been widely blamed on the Syrian government.

Defence sources said the deployment was in response to the new military developments in North Korea, which recently carried out several medium-range ballistic missile tests and test-fired new missile engines.

A statement from the Syrian General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces called the U.S. response a "blatant act of aggression" which had caused six deaths and huge material damage.

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