President Trump threatens to cut Obamacare subsidies

Cheryl Sanders
April 13, 2017

In recent congressional testimony, he refused to say whether the administration will continue providing cost-sharing subsidies for insurers in the federal exchanges. "It takes time to talk about the policies, vet the policies and to draft them and get stakeholder feedback". "What I think should happen-and will happen-is the Democrats will start calling me and negotiating".

In an interview with me Monday morning, former Obama ethics chief Norm Eisen noted that GOP divisions on health care have shown that Republicans struggle to pass legislation on their own, despite GOP control. "This cynical strategy will fail".

After the failure of repealing Obamacare, or as it is officially known, Affordable Care Act, Washington Republicans have now targeted tax reform.

With that, and the recently defeated health care reform, the much touted tax-cut plan started to lose momentum inside the Trump White House. "But the tax reform and the tax cuts are better if I can do the healthcare first", Trump said in an excerpt of an interview with Fox Business Network that will air on Wednesday.

As the White House has begun hyping Trump's forthcoming infrastructure plan, the cheerleading effort has followed the contours of the administration's health-care push.

Tell someone that the US tax system needs to be fixed, and you're not likely to get an argument.

Stephen Moore, a Heritage Foundation economist who was involved in crafting Trump's campaign tax plan, has argued that Congress should quickly pass a bill that includes business tax cuts and an infrastructure fund and tackle tax changes for individuals later.

Trump will meet with the heads of General Motors Co, International Business Machines Corp and Wal-Mart Stores Inc, a government official briefed on the matter said.

But as the White House prepares to unveil Trump's $1 trillion plan to rebuild America, there is a creeping sense of déjà vu on Capitol Hill.

The White House maintains that the healthcare law is "already collapsing on its own, and will continue to go in the wrong direction as more Americans face skyrocketing premiums, higher deductibles, and less choice", an administration spokesman told Reuters. Trump's son has said his father's real estate business sees "a lot of money pouring in from Russian Federation".

Trump could have chose to end the appeal, let the House prevail, and end the payments, hastening the end of Obamacare. The Trump administration's efforts over the past two weeks have been focused on persuading Freedom Caucus members to support the bill without driving away other House Republicans. Millions of Americans on Obamacare suddenly realized they liked their health insurance and its guarantees more than they had previously thought, and turned out at Republican congressional townhall meetings, hooting and hollering at their elected officials, effectively scaring the hell out of the less extreme elements in Congress.

"That's part of the reason that I may go the other way" on the insurance payments, he said.

Trump has repeatedly threatened to let Obamacare fall apart in order to force Democrats to negotiate with him.

The Trump regime has made a big decision that will keep the Obamacare insurance markets happy, at least for a bit.

In the place of his original tax blueprint, the Trump administration has proffered a series of alternative tax reform measures. Still, there are various ways President Trump can work to dismantle the ACA without Congress, reports The New York Times.

A major revenue raiser in the House GOP leadership's tax overhaul blueprint is a controversial border adjustability proposal that would impose a 20 percent levy on imports. "MORE's position that, absent any national direction, there could be Tennesseans who now buy insurance who may not have any choice for insurance on the exchange in 2018", Walter said.

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