Passenger dragged on United suffered concussion, broken nose, lawyer says

Andrew Cummings
April 18, 2017

The department said it is continuing its investigation. The company has since offered refunds to all passengers on that flight. On Thursday, the city's aviation commissioner is expected to address a city council committee about the incident. "I'm staying right here", he says.

Dao's attorney's filed an emergency petition on Wednesday asking that "surveillance video, cockpit voice recordings, passenger and crew lists, and personnel files be preserved and protected".

Dao was on a full jet at O'Hare Airport that was scheduled to fly to Louisville, Kentucky, on Sunday night when he and three other passengers were ordered off to make room for some employees of a partner airline.

When a swath of storms swept through the US East Coast last week, forcing the cancelation of more than 3,200 Delta Air Lines flights, one flier wrote about how she profited from the mayhem, pocketing $11,000 in gift cards when the airline needed volunteers to give up their seats on overbooked flights from NY to Florida.

"For a long time airlines, United in particular, have bullied us", Thomas Demetrio told a news conference in Chicago, outlining the potential causes of action they may pursue against United and the city of Chicago. Those documents are often the first steps toward a lawsuit.

The video of a man being dragged off a United Express flight shined an unwanted spotlight on the police force that guards Chicago's two main airports and could threaten the agency's future. He also promised that United will never again use law enforcement to remove a passenger in a similar situation.

Newly surfaced video shows the heated back and forth that transpired between Dao and the officers when he was informed he'd been selected to forfeit his seat to United crew members.

If he does file suit, either against United or the Chicago authorities who manhandled him, he has a good case, legal experts say.

"That is not who our family at United is".

The Chicago PD will also be updated its guidelines in response, according to chief spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

The Louisville Male High School teacher shamed the airline, but commended his fellow passengers for standing up for the man, David Dao, as he was removed from the plane.

Munoz also told GMA the use of law enforcement would be looked at and the incident was a "system failure". United had fully booked the flight but needed to provide seats for four airline employees who needed to get to Louisville for work.

The CEO of United Airlines' parent company is pledging to review policies after a passenger was dragged off a full fight in Chicago. "You saw us at a bad moment", Munoz said.

Munoz's latest statement described the removal as "truly horrific". That man later said he quit his job because Dao "pursued him aggressively" and arranged to provide him with prescription drugs in exchange for sex.

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