Paris Terror Attack Will 'Probably Help' Marine Le Pen in Election

Andrew Cummings
April 22, 2017

As of Friday, Le Pen was only 2 percentage points behind the front-runner, Emmanuel Macron, a centrist candidate and former banker at the prestigious Rothschild investment house, according to Paris Match.

Le Pen was the only candidate for French presidency to back Trump for United States president.

Mrs Le Pen has large swathes of support from the security and police services and immediately condemned the shooting to death of a police officer in Paris outside Marks and Spencer this week.

Paris Terror Attack Will 'Probably Help' Marine Le Pen in Election

Opinion polls suggest that at least four candidates have a chance of grabbing one of the two places in the May runoff.

Many French Jews are deeply anxious about the rise in the polls of Le Pen and the National Front, which advocates pulling out of the European Union, stopping immigration from Muslim countries and imposing limitations on religious freedoms, as well as harsh punishments for violence and incitement. The two-round presidential election is set for April 23 and May 7.

Meanwhile Fillon and Macron have much more centrist agendas and pro-European attitudes - something that could be stabilising for Europe in the short term but potentially unsafe long-term if it fails to achieve the real change populist voters are demanding, Goodwin said.

"If Le Pen won ... my hunch is it makes it a lot harder to see how we get an Article 50 deal at all". With Le Pen and Macron leading the pack as of now, a run-off could potentially see further involvement from Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

Ms. Le Pen is what she is and always has been, a right-wing zealot made-up as a nationalist, unhelpfully anti-European Union and opposed on paper to the immigration that France depends on for labor and, to some extent, for economic growth. He is likely to be the best choice in terms of prospects for future good U.S.

Tthe iShares MSCI France ETF (EWQ) is one way investors have been betting on the French election.

Macron also hit out at comments made by Le Pen earlier this week in which she claimed that under a Le Pen presidency none of the major attacks in the last five years would have happened.

When French citizens head to the polls on Sunday, they may not leave knowing who their next president will be.

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