North Korea warns Americans: 'Don't mess with us'

Andrew Cummings
April 22, 2017

China, North Korea's most important ally, warned Kim Jong Un, the Norths youthful, secretive, totalitarian leader, not to follow through with the test.

"China continues to have both economic and political influence" over North Korea, Spicer said.

It is still not clear what type of missile malfunctioned, but it exploded within seconds of being launched from a test site on the northeastern coast of the Korean peninsula.

The South's destroyers have ship-to-surface cruise missiles, but the smaller vessels lack the same kind of firepower, reports NK News.

The North, which is intent on developing a nuclear-tipped ballistic missile capable of reaching the mainland United States, defied worldwide pressure Sunday with a test that failed immediately after launch.

Pence, whose visit started in South Korea the day after the failed launch by North Korea of what analysts said could have been a new missile, said the threat from the isolated regime was growing.

Years of global trade sanctions, near-economic collapse and even widespread starvation have failed to hamper the country's missile development programs, which are geared for both preemptive defense and export.

The vice president said the USA would honor its alliance with Pacific Rim nations and protect freedom of navigation in the South China Sea, the sea lanes vital to global shipping where China has been staking claim to disputed territory.

Experts point out that China also wants to prevent North Korea from becoming a full-fledged nuclear power - and certainly wants to prevent a war on its southern border that could send millions of refugees flooding into China and potentially risk bringing a United States military presence to China's borders. "The Kim Jong-un regime is afraid of me", the candidate said on his campaign trail in Daegu, 302 kilometers southeast of Seoul.

The Trump administration has taken an increasingly hardline stance on North Korea, floating the possibility of a military solution to the tensions.

The North itself is already renowned for belligerent statements.

In the early 1980s, Egypt provided North Korea with Soviet-made SCUD B missiles, which were not test-fired but rather used as models for reverse-engineering in a string of new defense factories that Pyongyang had established.

"If we really mean Canada is back, this is a prime time for the Canadian government to show what we mean by responsibility to protect", she said.

North Korea conducted two nuclear tests and 24 ballistic missile tests last year, defying six Security Council resolutions banning those activities, and it has conducted additional missile tests this year including one that failed last weekend.

"We'll be conducting more missile tests on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis", Han told the BBC in an interview, threatening "all-out war" if the USA took any action against it.

The White House praised China on Wednesday for making efforts to rein in North Korea after Beijing's Foreign Ministry warned the North not to make provocative remarks.

More sophisticated weaponry soon appeared on Pakistan's shopping list, and the modified version of North Korea's Rodong missile known as Gauri was first tested in April 1998.

With the deployment of three aircraft carriers to the region, the clock is ticking for Kim Jong Un.

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