N. Korean official: USA more vicious, aggressive under Trump

Cheryl Sanders
April 15, 2017

North Kora's Vice Foreign Minister Han Song-ryol speaks with The Associated Press in Pyongyang on Friday.

Amid soaring tensions between USA and North Korea, China today warned that a conflict could break out in the region "at any moment".

"I don't know if this sends a message".

"Whatever comes from USA politicians, if their words are created to overthrow the DPRK system and government, we will categorically reject them", he said.

During his 40-minute interview with the AP, Han placed the blame for tensions on Trump.

Meanwhile, China issued a plea to Donald Trump not to use pre-emptive military action even if North Korea conducts a nuclear test.

"North Korea is a problem".

"As long as dialogue takes place, it can be official or unofficial, through one channel or dual channels, bilateral or multilateral".

"If the U.S. makes a pre-emptive strike on North Korea, Pyongyang will attack South Korea, Japan and the United States forces stationed in the two countries", Li wrote.

"We've got a powerful nuclear deterrent already in our hands, and we certainly will not keep our arms crossed in the face of a USA pre-emptive strike".

In response to rising tensions over North Korea's nuclear program, China said a conflict could breakout any moment. This time the big event was the inauguration of a residential complex, its successful completion, as North Korean officials said, "scarier than nuclear bombs".

He cited not only the US-South Korean wargames and the deployment of the aircraft carrier, the USS Carl Vinson, but also a tweet Mr Trump posted on Tuesday in which he said the North is "looking for trouble".

Trump played down suggestions that it was also intended as a warning to Pyongyang. "It's not the DPRK but the United States and Trump that makes trouble".

"Trump is always making provocations with his aggressive words". Amid rising concerns of North Korea possibly conducting a sixth nuclear test in defiance of United Nations sanctions, U.S. issued warnings that a policy of patience is no longer applicable. Washington and Seoul deny that, but reports that exercises have included "decapitation strikes" aimed at the North's leadership have fanned Pyongyang's anger. Any fighting on the Korean Peninsula is likely to draw in China, which has repeatedly expressed concerns about a wave of refugees and the possible presence of USA and South Korean troops on its border.

Fully armed aircraft from the US's 18th Wing during a no-notice exercise.

The Kremlin says it's watching the developments around North Korea with "great concern".

Satellite imagery analysis has noted activity at the North's main nuclear test site ahead of Saturday's 105th anniversary of the birth of the country's founder leader Kim Il-Sung.

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