McDonald's Drive-Thru Employee Helped Stop Facebook Killer

Cheryl Sanders
April 22, 2017

After 48 hours of a nationwide manhunt, Steve Stephens, the man who senselessly shot a Cleveland retiree and posting the video to Facebook live, took his own life in Pennsylvania on Tuesday.

"I snapped, I just snapped", Stephens said.

Speeds did not exceed 50 miles per hour. As his vehicle was spinning out of control, he shot himself in the head with a pistol, police said. The search for murder suspect Steve Stephens put authorities in surrounding states on the lookout.

Officials say Stephens shot and killed 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr. on Sunday and posted the gruesome video on Facebook.

Stephens posted a video of himself killing Godwin, a former foundry worker and a father of 10.

In the case of the most recent murder video, almost two hours passed before users reported it on Facebook, according to the company.

Stephens, who had no prior criminal record, was not suspected in any other killings, Cleveland officers said.

It was all due to the quick thinking of a McDonald's employee that led police to Steve Stephens.

"As the vehicle was spinning out of control from the PIT maneuver, Stephens pulled a pistol and shot himself in the head", Pennsylvania State Police said.

The story was fluid late Tuesday morning; at a press conference earlier in the day, Cleveland police said they did not know where Stephens was.

Godwin taught his children the value of hard work, how to love God and how to forgive, his children said. "This is something that should not have been shared around the world".

And so, she said, "each one of us forgives the killer, the murderer". She then saw officers approach the vehicle.

The Cleveland Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation put the word out nationwide that Stephens was likely still driving the white Ford Fusion with the temporary license tag of #363630.

Cleveland's police chief is telling residents to be careful.

"We would like to have brought in Steven peacefully and really talk to him and find out why this happened", he said.

In the video, Stephens told Godwin the name of his girlfriend and said, "She's the reason that this is about to happen to you". Godwin did not seem to recognize the name.

Police in Philadelphia say they have "no indication" that the suspect in an apparently random killing in Cleveland is in Philadelphia.

The woman Stephens spoke of, Joy Lane, said in a text message to CBS that "we had been in a relationship for several years".

A daughter of the elderly Cleveland man shot and killed in a gruesome video posted on Facebook says he was a gentle person, with nothing mean about him. reported he'd posted to Facebook about extensive gambling losses at a casino nearby, and police told CNN he was a regular patron.

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