May to vow end of European Union free movement into UK

Cheryl Sanders
April 21, 2017

As the measure does not need approval from the House of Lords, the process of dissolving parliament next month in advance of the election will get underway.

Under current legislation, parliaments have to sit for five years before new elections take place.

Michelle Thomson and Natalie McGarry, the two Nationalist MPs who resigned the SNP whip following separate police investigations, were among the MPs to vote against an election.

Calling a snap election is a risk, as Robert Muldoon found in 1984.

Technically, there are now only two ways to call early elections.

Downing Street said the June election will not affect May's Brexit timetable.

Daniel Kawczynski, who represents the Shrewsbury and Atcham constituency, said that the Prime Minister could not risk entering into negotiations over Brexit with a general election hanging over her.

"Britain is leaving the European Union and there can be no turning back", asserted the British PM.

Critics of an early election accuse May of taking advantage of low ratings for the main opposition Labour Party. Previously she had played down the possibility of an early election, and no poll was due until 2020.

But Mr Corbyn is apparently facing an uphill struggle, with a fresh YouGov opinion poll for the Times giving the Tories a 24-point lead over Labour, despite his denial that his party's defeat is a "foregone conclusion".

Bank of America Merrill Lynch UK economist Robert Wood and his team, said a large Tory majority government as being hugely beneficial to Britain's Brexit negotiations in a note to clients. The main opposition Labour Party has 229 seats, but numerous party's MPs are estranged from their leader Jeremy Corbyn.

She rightly says the country needs a positive response for the Brexit negotiations, repeating that the decision to leave Europe is irreversible.

May surprised allies, opponents and financial markets on Tuesday when she called a snap election for June 8.

"There should be unity here in Westminster, but instead there is division", May said Tuesday, according to CNN. "The country is together, Westminster is not", she said.

"This requires the electorate in every constituency to know where the candidates stand; and the mobilization of the thousands in each constituency to make it clear that for them this issue counts when it comes to their vote", he added.

There has been widespread public support for Monday's decision, while political experts have given mixed responses.

The governing Conservative Party now has a narrow majority of 17 seats in the House of Commons. "Of course, there are going to be several difficulties for the Conservatives in the election campaign including the impact on Scotland and the potential for a second referendum, and a focus in the campaign on what sort of post-EU Britain the Conservatives want".

After addressing a rowdy session of the House of Commons, May won the support of 522 lawmakers in the 650-seat parliament for an election on June 8. If the polls are wrong, voters could hand the reins over to the Labour Party, which - despite Corbyn's pro-Brexit vote - is less pro-Brexit than the Tories.

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