Marine Le Pen is a 'terrible danger,' French research leaders say

Cheryl Sanders
April 30, 2017

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen is reaching from her far-right base across to the far left, urging voters who chose communist-linked Jean-Luc Melenchon in the first-round vote to support her in the runoff election.

Controversy over her party's record on the fate of Jews in World War Two returned to haunt French National Front presidential candidate Marine Le Pen on Friday as the man due to replace her temporarily as party leader suddenly stood aside.

Le Pen's years-long attempts to detoxify her party's image - efforts that have brought her one step away from the presidency - faced a new setback when the temporary leader of her National Front party quit amid an uproar over past remarks allegedly questioning the Nazi gas chambers.

Macron, speaking in the town of Chatellerault, said about the nationalist views of far-right rival Marine Le Pen's party: "No, the National Front is not a party like any other".

Symbolically, however, the new alliance punctured another hole in hopes - expressed by mainstream politicians on both the left and right - that France will unite against Ms Le Pen's extremism in round two, as it did when her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, made the presidential run-off in 2002, losing overwhelmingly to Jacques Chirac.

Many voters who backed other candidates in Sunday's first-round election don't like either Macron or Le Pen and may abstain from the runoff.

Those backing Macron include French President Francois Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, defeated presidential candidates Francois Fillon and Benoit Hamon, the Grand Mosque of Paris and the chief rabbi of France, Haim Korsia.

The Kremlin has been irritated by accusations from the Macron camp that its campaign's networks, databases and sites have come under attack from locations inside Russian Federation, fuelling suspicions that Russian Federation is trying to undermine Mr Macron's campaign to help his rival, Ms Marine Le Pen.

Macron is in favour of closer European integration, although in interviews on Thursday he sought to present a tough position on countries he felt do not play by the rules.

Le Pen's senior aide Robert Menard (pictured) was convicted of inciting racial hatred for saying there were too many Muslim children in schools in France.


Considering France's upcoming runoff election between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen on May 7, I chose to write another letter from Lady Liberty to express my opinion about France's situation.

The Real Madrid coach and former France global said that he is "far from all these ideas, from this National Front". Jalkh had taken over from presidential candidate Marine Le Pen just three days ago. "If everyone is agreed we could take a year or a year and a half to organise a coordinated return to national currencies", she said.

"It's the first time I've heard that kind of bullshit, I have no memory of it", he told Le Monde newspaper. Le Pen has previously called on French Jews to make "sacrifices", such as not wearing yarmulkes, as part of her initiative to ban religious symbols and combat radical Islam.

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