Mallya arrested in United Kingdom by Scotland Yard, gets bail

Andrew Cummings
April 20, 2017

On February 8, the Indian government handed over to British authorities a formal request for Mallya's extradition, saying it had a legitimate case against him on charges of financial irregularities and loan default. Mallya can challenge his extradition in lower and higher Courts, which can take months.

The precise grounds on which Mallya contests his extradition remains to be seen.

The Indian authorities will have an opportunity to respond to any such evidence, she said.

Sarosh Zaiwalla, founder and senior partner of Zaiwalla & Co. "But yes, the extradition process has begun from our end", he said.

The ED alleged that Mallya did so with the intent of ensuring that the money doesn't reach India. Mallya's lawyers on the other hand would demonstrate that this entire episode is politically motivated.

Mallya, who was apprised of the charges against him by the court judge, was granted bail and is supposed to remain confined to his Hertfordshire residence.

"It is going to be a complicated affair as Mallya can argue that he may not receive a fair trial in Indian courts which are notorious for being easily influenced", he said. Lawmakers criticised Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government for failing to impound his passport and prevent him from leaving. "A worldwide freezing order on Mallya's assets would be an even more effective option than the extradition route", he said.

A Indian court in January ordered a consortium of banks to start the process of recovering loans from the tycoon. He is required to appear at Westminster Magistrates' Court on May 17.

"Officers from the Metropolitan Police's Extradition Unit this morning arrested a man on an extradition warrant". While there is an acknowledgement that the extradition is up to the United Kingdom court system, sources previously said they believed there was also political will to support the process. India will also have to convince the British Courts that Mallya will not be harassed or targeted in any way.

Pursued by Indian justice for suspicion of embezzlement, former Kingfisher boss and current owner of the F1 Force India team was arrested in London.

. "Not a rupee was misused", he had tweeted earlier this year.

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