Labour Vows To Scrap PM May's "Reckless" Brexit Plan

Cheryl Sanders
April 25, 2017

He also lambasted Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit strategy as "rigid" and "reckless", adding that under a Labour government MPs would be given a veto over the final deal.

He added: "Remember, this is not a referendum, it's a General Election, and only Labour can form another government and offer an alternative that will transform the lives of people all across Scotland and all across Britain".

Responding to Sir Keir's speech, Brexit Secretary David Davis said: "Jeremy Corbyn is too weak and floundering to get a good deal in the Brexit negotiations". That's a policy that is backed by 70% of the British people and stands in stark contrast to the privatised racketeering on our tracks under the Tories.

He stressed Labour's demand for a binding vote for Parliament on Brexit to ensure "we get the best deal we can".

The stakes have been raised ahead of Britain's early election in June, with the opposition Labour Party setting out its Brexit strategy.

"But we don't accept that immigration should be the only overarching priority, the only red line".

Speaking to the BBC on Tuesday night, Lord Mandelson said Labour is not "differentiating their position and their policy sufficiently from the government" on Brexit and has had an "equivocal and fence-sitting approach" so far.

Labour would reset the "failing approach to Brexit" taken by May's Conservative government, Keir Starmer, Labour's shadow Brexit minister, said in a campaign speech.

Her strategists fear that if voters think she can't lose, casting a ballot for her main rival, Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party, becomes a cost-free option.

A Labour government would commit to securing the residency rights of European Union nationals on "day one", he made clear, as they do more than simply "contribute" economically but are "part of society".

Britain's opposition Labour Party will immediately guarantee the rights of European Union citizens living in the country if it wins a June election, it said today (25 April), setting out a Brexit strategy aimed at dismantling Prime Minister Theresa May's runaway lead.

"We have a clear plan for the Brexit negotiations, and every vote for Theresa May will strengthen her hand in those negotiations to get a good deal for the United Kingdom".

It will also draw on its database of 600,000 supporters to support Labour's Mary Creagh, Conservative Neil Carmichael and Green MP Caroline Lucas.

It's new Brexit white paper would focus on retaining some access to the Single Market's 510M consumers and the Customs Union.

The survey of over 100 advisers at the annual GAM UK IFA roadshow said political threats such as the European election and the outcome of the upcoming general election were the biggest worry.

"Either they want Britain to remain a member of the single market or they don't", she said.

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