Kremlin spokesman suggests meeting between Trump, Putin

Cheryl Sanders
April 3, 2017

In a tweet last week, Trump declared the "Trump Russia story" a "hoax". We understand that they - the present administration still needs time to be more precise in formulating their main ideas in terms of Russian Federation. "All those things are fictional, illusory and provocations, lies", he stated in a CNBC-moderated panel.

The FBI, Justice Department and Treasury Department are examining whether any of Manafort's millions of dollars in consulting income from pro-Russian Ukrainian politicians and oligarchs were laundered from corrupt sources, whether he properly disclosed all his foreign bank accounts each year to the US government and whether he paid taxes on all foreign income, two sources familiar with the inquiry said.

The U.S. intelligence community has concluded that Russian Federation interfered in the elections and directed hacking into leading Democratic figures and groups.

Peskov insisted during the ABC interview that Russian Federation had nothing to do with interference in the 2016 election. The cyber-attack was aimed at harming Clinton and helping Trump win the White House. It added that intelligence agencies have "high confidence" in that assessment.

Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for Putin, said Friday the meeting would give the two leaders the opportunity to forge a better relationship, the Hill reported.

Dmitry Peskov told ABC's "This Week" that relations between the USA and Russian Federation are "maybe worse" than the Cold War, but a meeting between the two sides have a chance to fix divisions. The statement from Peskov came after Trump's ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, blurted that "there's no love" in the relationship between the two countries. Now, Flynn says, he's willing to tell congressional investigators what he knows if they give him immunity from prosecution. He said that the Zapad-2017 (or West-2017) military drills, scheduled to be held in Russia's western Kaliningrad region as well as on the Belarusian territory, could pave the way for provocations against Lithuania.

The spokesman disputed the idea that Russian Federation was meddling, saying the American public was being subjected to "propaganda". To this, the Kremlin spokesman assured that it's not a problem for Putin. "And I hope that he listens to them, because they don't have any illusions about Vladimir Putin and Russian behavior", McCain told Raddatz.

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