Google Maps now automatically translates local reviews into your preferred language

Pablo Tucker
April 25, 2017

Google has also added support for 11 additional Indian languages to its keyboard app Gboard that now supports 22 Indian languages with transliteration.

Tamil, Hindi, Kanada, Bengali and Marathi speaking users have the highest adoption online services, followed by Telugu, Gujarati and Malayalam. GBoard allows the users to search and use Google Translate right in their keyboard.

The translation won't work for every language pair out there, but if you've ever use Google Translate, you have a good idea of which languages it can handle - and, well, it's a lot of languages.

India today has 234 million Indian language users online, compared to 175 million English users.

The search giant has extended the neural machine auto-translation to Google Maps as well and users will now be able to read the translated reviews for restaurants, cafes, or hotels among other places through the app in their local language as well.

The gap will broaden in the next four years, said Rajan Anandan, Vice President, South East Asia and India, Google at a press conference in New Delhi, as he announced new features in Google Translate.

The data released by Google suggest that its machine translation system receives more than one billion requests daily out of which more than 95 percent translation requests comes from users outside the US. With today's launches (GNMT and Gboard for 22 Indian tongues), Google is making sure it isn't left behind in the linguistic domain, an area where a lot of local competitors have come up and have offered decent solutions to cater to this enormous non English speaking populace.

Like Google Indic Keyboard, Gboard offers auto-correction and prediction in these new languages, plus two layouts for each-one in the native language script and one with the QWERTY layout for transliteration, which lets users spell words phonetically using the QWERTY alphabet and get text output in their native language script.

The keyboard now has a new feature by which text editing can be done on the go easily. "9 out of 10 new Internet users coming online today will be an Indian language user", said the report.

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