Google Home Gets User Voice Recognition, Will Amazon Echo Follow Its Lead?

Pablo Tucker
April 22, 2017

Once enabled, users will be able to ask Alexa to give them an overview of their day or make changes and other additions to their calendar as needed, just by speaking.

The voice-controlled home assistant Google Home now features voice recognition to distinguish between several user accounts. From there, just download the Google Home or Amazon Alexa app and connect it with Mercedes me.

The AI assistants will allow drivers to do things like remote start their vehicle using a voice command from the comfort of their kitchen or adjust their smart home appliance settings from the driver's seat.

This latest integration means that Alexa powered device could suddenly become useful objects to have strewn around your office or workplace. Instead, it has a feature that allows Alexa to switch to a different account when told to do so.

Google quickly blocked Burger King's commercial from toying with the Home assistant, but the marketing stunt illustrated how the technology can be manipulated. Then another user named Jane could get similar information from Home, but customized for her. At least, that's how it's created to work, in theory, but since the feature has just been enabled, we won't know for a while how accurate it is.

Arsenal have broken new ground in the smart home arena by becoming the first Premier League club to launch an Amazon Echo skill which allows fans to stream matches. That still remains to be seen, but we do know that Amazon is hard at work trying to find a solution to that problem.

Many Google Home users often complain that it lacks support for multiple accounts. Obviously, you can't drive with your voice, but you can start your auto or send an address to your vehicle for Global Positioning System turn-by-turn navigation.

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