Fallon blames Russian Federation for `every civilian death´ in Syria chemical attack

Cheryl Sanders
April 9, 2017

In a statement later, Johnson said, "Developments in Syria have changed the situation fundamentally".

He said Russian Federation would demand Washington explain why it conducted the strikes.

"We have a multitude of topics, among which global counter-terrorism is of great significance", Zakharov told Russia's Rossiya-1 TV channel. British Prime Minister Theresa May's office said the action was "an appropriate response to the barbaric chemical weapons attack launched by the Syrian regime, and is meant to deter further attacks".

"Justified and appropriate though U.S. action was, it was also necessarily limited".

The US action on Thursday night killed six Syrian soldiers and nine civilians besides causing huge damage at the Shairat military base in Homs province in central Syria, news reports said.

Syria and Russian Federation said several people were killed in the cruise missile strikes.

Russian Federation on Friday scrapped the agreement to "deconflict" air operations over Syria, increasing the risk to US pilots in the aftermath of cruise missile strikes launched by Navy destroyers on a Syrian air base.

The US attack ordered by President Trump only played into terrorists' hands, Russia's top diplomat told Tillerson.

The White House late Friday refused to say whether strike was a one-off action or part of a new strategy created to hobble the military capabilities of President Bashar al-Assad.

USA officials blame Moscow for propping up Assad.

"The Russian minister noted that the United States arguments in support its illegal armed attack in particular the reference to the use of chemical weapons in Idlib by the Syrian government forces on April 4 are unreliable and unconvincing", the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

The U.S. officials also said they're aware of Russians with chemical weapons expertise who have been in Syria.

"US military planners took precautions to minimise risk to Russian or Syrian personnel located at the airfield", a United States statement said, hinting a Russian military presence at the Shairat base.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has discussed the US missile strike in Syria with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in a phone conversation, the ministry has said. The drone returned late in the day as citizens were going to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The move was in response to the suspected chemical weapons attack on the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhun which killed 87 people according to the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights. The hospital was bombed shortly afterward, officials said, possibly in an effort to cover up evidence of chemical weapons usage.

But the senior US military officials, who weren't authorized to speak publicly on the matter and demanded anonymity, said U.S.

Trump, who is spending the weekend at his Florida resort, tweeted a brief explanation Saturday of why the military didn't strike the runways in its bombardment of the Syrian air field, writing, "they are easy and low-cost to quickly fix (fill in and top)!"

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