F1: I f****d it up, fumes Bahrain GP runner-up Lewis Hamilton

Ross Houston
April 28, 2017

"We still got good points and we still have this great fight as Sebastian did a great job".

"Completely my fault with the safety auto", Hamilton said. "I was limited and was out of tools on the steering wheel and I was oversteering all through the race and that's why they pace was slow". Vettel went for the pit-stop early in the race in the 10th lap and had 24.702 seconds (3.1 sec pit-stop) in the pit area. "I kept having to be fed what times he was doing so I could try to match and he was closing the gap a little bit, but I managed to stay ahead". "This was my fault". "You are supposed to have a five-second gap to the safety auto and I think I had a four-second gap so it was just a misjudgement from myself". If anyone ever thinks a driver, or I, should be happy with second. Vettel came out in 12th place, and on the next lap, Verstappen of Red Bull came over the radio and said that his team needed to do something, so they pitted him, it stated.

Behind the top four it was Ricciardo in fifth, Massa in sixth, Perez in seventh, Grosjean in eighth, Hulkenburg in ninth and Ocon in the Force India taking the last point.

Hamilton and Vettel are destined to challenge for the title this season and failure to convert his decent race pace into victory has frustrated the former, who is looking to bounce back after Nico Rosberg claimed the championship last term.

"We all had more or less the same start, and Lewis stuck with Valtteri so I could take a risk under braking and get the move done [around the outside of Turn 1]". Bottas struggled with oversteer at the start of the race, deemed to be due to low front tire pressure. Vettel then forged a healthy lead after which even a late charge from Hamilton did nothing to squash the Ferrari's hopes for a podium finish.

The Finn described the calls as "tough" but accepted the team's decision. The only goal was the victory.

"The auto was a dream today ... the last half of the in-lap with the fireworks & the track lit up, I just thought I love what I do", he added.

"That was why we couldn't win as a team and I couldn't defend the position", Bottas said.

"Our focus was on advancing our understanding of the tyres and also the rear of the vehicle so that we can improve our long runs". Seb and Lewis were putting pressure on and I couldn't control the race or build a gap. Then I had to really take everything out of the tyres and the tyre life was shorter.

"I think honestly as a racing driver it's the worst thing you want to hear", he commented.

"But that's how it is and although I didn't like it for my personal race, I am a team player and I understand", he added.

Wolff acknowledged that had Vettel not been between the two Mercedes, the team would have got Bottas out of Hamilton's way sooner. "All I can say is that I gave it everything I could".

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