Donald Trump says he thinks Susan Rice committed a crime

Pablo Tucker
April 9, 2017

Susan Rice, who was among former President Barack Obama's top aides, can not be trusted.

Is there anyone left in America who doesn't think that Russia's hacking and interference with the 2016 election don't deserve a thorough investigation? Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Representative Devin Nunes, recently unveiled the bombshells that not only was Trump right about being monitored at Trump Tower but that fishy business was done in these murky waters to carry out the task.

As a former Central Intelligence Agency analyst who has handled requests for demasking the names of American citizens for a US policymaker, I thought Rice's claims in her interview did not add up. It was Rice who may have leaked classified details from that surveillance to the press, it alleges.

"I know nothing about this", she said at the time.

Now it's all there: The plot and the villain and the quest for a predicate to drive the story forward. And with previous collusion between the Democrats and CNN, who's to say this information couldn't have been handed down again to push a false narrative or anchor the view in the eye's of the people that the Trump presidency was illegitimate. If they are, by what right did she do it, what was she instructed to do, by anyone else. The president declined multiple requests to provide substantive evidence or the names of Obama administration officials he claims were involved.

"I think it's going to be the biggest story", Trump said. "It's one of the big stories of our time". The counsel's office ordered him to stand down because the lawyers did not want the White House to be running an independent investigation into the prior administration. It also brings along sometime troublemakers who are only too glad to have an old foe back in the arena. That process is called "unmasking", and Rice had the authority to do so while serving as national security adviser. Lindsey Graham, a Rice enemy of many years. If a senior official gives what appears to be a national security reason, demasking requests are nearly always approved.

Rice is not, not yet, speaking under oath, so perhaps it doesn't really matter what she says. Republicans charged that Obama and his aides lied to protect his campaign-trail claims about having almost defeated al-Qaida.

"Rice's denials don't add up", stated Fleitz.

On top of all this, President Trump met with California Congressman Dana Rohrbacher, a big supporter of improved relations between the United States and Russian Federation.

The supposed "unmasking" of Trump's affiliates doesn't mean Rice revealed their identities either, according to the news network.

A couple of weeks ago, when asked about the "incidental" intelligence sweep on PBS NewsHour, she said, "I know nothing about this". Just like yesterday, ABC and NBC offered the most biased coverage, going out of their way to attack Trump for his wiretapping claims instead of focusing on Rice's history of lying about the unmasking allegations. We checked in with some top national security experts, and most say Trump's allegations would be very hard to prove. Cernovich's post, which cited no other source for the claim other than the White House, noted that Rice would have been "authorized" to request that the names be unmasked, and did not claim she broke any laws.

There is no other reasonable or plausible explanation for why Rice specifically targeted members of the Trump campaign.

By way of explanation, Rice told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell that unmasking is a tool to help consumers of intelligence - which is what she was as national-security adviser - to understand the context of overheard discussions.

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