Disney Announces 'Frozen 2,' 'The Lion King' Remake 2019 Release Dates

Carla Harmon
April 27, 2017

Disney has set the release date for "Frozen 2", the followup to 2013's hugely popular "Frozen", which broke box office records to become the highest-grossing animated film of all time and an instant classic. The animated Disney feature made a insane amount of money, has a musical and catchy songs, and the merchandising still sells so it comes as no surprise that Disney has announced the sequel, but what is surprising is the release date: November 27, 2019.

The Walt Disney Company has gone on a release date rampage. The first movie, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, was released in December 2016.

Of course, no one could blame them for being excited to share the news of an actual release date being that we've spent the last four years waiting for news pertaining to the Frozen sequel. The franchise is going back to the summer and it plans to stay there.

The fifth chapter of the Indiana Jones series has been confirmed for a July 10, 2020 release. And Steven Spielberg will direct.

She said: "Quick weather forecast from your favourite disney princess" sister: Theaters are gonna get Frozen on November 27, 2019'. However, Indiana Jones' former month won't be bereft of Disney movies.

Meanwhile director Jon Favreau is unveiling his reimagining of The Lion King on July 19, 2019. You only have two and a half more years before everyone starts singing "Let It Go" again.

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