CNN hires White House correspondent April Ryan as political analyst

Cheryl Sanders
April 5, 2017

When Spicer opened up the press room for questions, it took just two minutes before a reporter cited the ProPublica investigation and asked for answers.

When asked whether Rice should testify on the unmasking of US citizens on the Trump campaign, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said it wasn't up to him to decide who should testify and how they should do it, but he found Rice's continued statements on the matter "interesting".

"I'm somewhat surprised in terms of the level of interest that I've seen from the press corps, one set of developments versus another set of developments", Spicer said during the White House press briefing on Monday. "I'm not aware that there was ever a change in the trust, and the idea that the president is withdrawing money at some point is exactly the goal of why a trust is set up".

On Feb 10, they alone reported, that trust language was changed to allow Trump to draw or make money from any of his 400 businesses without disclosing it to anyone. "A blind trust, or any kind of trust, rather, the whole entire point of setting it up is that somebody can withdraw money." he said.

"We're not going to start going down guessing the motives of something that is not assumed in fact yet", he said.

Regardless of whether Spicer is "aware" of it, the trust documents were amended to allow for the withdrawals. Last week, Spicer lashed out at Ryan, a veteran correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks, and accused her of exaggerating the administration's ties to Russian Federation in order to push her own agenda.

"And yes, our job always has been and will be holding *all* those in power accountable", ProPublica tweeted, including links to pieces that highlighted the flaws in the Obama administration. Trump's war on the media - which he has repeatedly dubbed the "enemy of the people" - is strategic.

With its tweetstorm, however, ProPublica was able to call out Spicer for his evasions in a highly public environment; as of Tuesday morning, the thread had amassed 20,000 retweets. "We do it with facts".

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