China to offer concessions to avert United States trade war

Cheryl Sanders
April 13, 2017

Given the current complex worldwide arena and rising challenges, it is more necessary and urgent for both nations to beef up collaboration.

On the strategic front, Mr Xi and his advisers must have been taken by surprise by Mr Trump's decisive move against Syria's alleged use of chemical weapons, which was instructive in two respects. He has taken particular aim at renegotiating trade relationships with China and Mexico.

"Her appearance at the Chinese embassy, with a certain political and diplomatic significance, could be invigorating to the China-US relationship", the paper said.

If and when Trump does enough to really upset the Chinese, we'll hear about it.

This is often hard, and it tends to suck up most of the oxygen in the relationship.

Just like her mom, Arabella is popular in China and is beloved by many Chinese citizens. It also played an increasing weight in shaping its ties with the US.

With all the symbolism attached to the strikes, Americans may not be in a position to simultaneously fracture ties with Russian Federation and China.

China does not want the regime to collapse chaotically, so there is a limit to how much economic pain China is willing to impose.

The body language was very positive on both sides. He added it "will demonstrate the administration's intention not to hip shoot, not to do anything casual, not to do anything abruptly, but to take a very measured and analytical approach".

Both countries need to maintain face. This point would not be lost on Beijing, which would have to tread carefully between propping up a regime that has for all practical purposes become increasingly less amenable to taking "advice" from Beijing and convincing Washington against taking any military action. But both have a lot to lose if a trade conflict escalates. But we do not know what such "cooperation" would be.

With different national conditions, the two powers should also seek common grounds while shelving differences based on mutual respect. Global Times, China's state-owned media, described the meeting was constructive and should help pave the way for developing a cooperative bilateral relationship.

The effects of aggressive USA tariffs against China will ripple far beyond to countries including Germany and others in Europe through China's domestic and foreign supply chains, according to an Oxford Economics note in February.

"Based on her attractive appearance, her talent for giving speeches, ambition and political skills, plus her growing political and diplomatic experience during her father's presidency, Ivanka not only possibly could be a second Hillary, but also may be the first female president in United States history", said Weibo user Mao Kaiyun 123, according to CNN. This is considered very unlikely in light of the agreement last week.

They should deal with disagreements and sensitive issues in a constructive and appropriate manner without damaging each other's core interest. "Will Trump even have a full team in place to conduct the negotiations effectively within 100 days, since he does not have either a China strategy or a China-Asia team in place?" asks Steve Tsang, director of the SOAS China Institute in London.

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