Campaign calls for genderless option on British passports

Cheryl Sanders
April 6, 2017

The LGBTQ pressure group Stonewall has said allowing individuals to define themselves as "X" instead of female or male would alleviate problems experienced by trans people, the BBC reported.

The changes to the British passport are advocated by Stonewall as part of its "Vision for Change"-a blueprint for the group's priorities in coming months following a consultation with 170 trans people across Britain and extensive feedback from the parents of trans children".

Campaigners are calling for United Kingdom passports to come with an official "gender x" option.

Activists are calling for the United Kingdom to include non-binary people to be identified as "X" on passports.

Stonewall claims being able to put an "X" on their passport would help transgender people and those who do not identify with a single gender deal with face difficulties at passport control. "It's just a case of having the information there to make people aware so they can make good, informed choices".

The Government has said it is reviewing the way gender is marked on official documents amid calls from campaigners to introduce a new X classification for United Kingdom passports.

Stonewall said existing legislation urgently needed reform, describing the Gender Recognition Act as "outdated".

"Alongside this, we are investing three million pounds ($ 3.7 million) to tackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying".

"If the way a person expresses their gender identity does not "match" the gender in their passport, this can lead to distressing questions".

It said people were forced to choose a gender for pension calculations and insurance policies but that current rules "fall short of best practice".

"Trans inclusion at work, in schools and sports are other key areas the document addresses".

Other recommendations in Stonewall's report include revising the Gender Recognition Act so people would not need medical evidence to get their gender recognised by law.

Surat-Shaan Knan, of Stonewall's trans advisory group, said: "A Vision for Change is a document that everyone can engage with and use to understand the landscape of trans equality in Britain, and think about their role in progressing it".

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