Britain's main opposition gears up for June 8 elections

Cheryl Sanders
April 24, 2017

"To have a new government before the beginning of the official negotiations I think is good not only for the United Kingdom but also for us because we will have for the next years the same prime minister, the same ministers, the same negotiator", Tajani told reporters in London, following a meeting with May in Downing Street.

Sir, - Theresa May's surprise announcement that Britain will be going to the polls (again) on June 8th should be welcomed this side of the Irish Sea.

An Opinium survey for The Observer also gives the Conservatives a commanding lead with 45% - up seven points on the previous week and 19 ahead of Labour, who are down three points on 26%.

That would give her space to consider options that are anathema to core Brexiteers, such as a transitional deal until 2022 in which free movement and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice could continue.

Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas said Mr Corbyn was letting down Britain by refusing to back a second referendum.

Corbyn, battling to control a party divided by his left wing agenda and win support from a public which is unsure of his political views and leadership ability, will seek to tap voters' frustration at the political establishment. "A duty for all of us here today, the duty of every Labour MP, a duty for our half a million members - including the 2,500 who have joined in the last 24 hours". Whereas with Labour, we see no clear plan or aims for any potential negotiations if they were to somehow win this election.

The Labour Party would do everything it could to prevent an increase of the Conservative party majority, he added.

She told BBC Radio 4's The World at One programme: "I think to be fair to Helen what she is trying to do there is to say we have got to not just establish our frame in this election but to challenge that of the Conservatives as well".

It would hit 1.6m workers, but Mr McDonnell said: "The rich will be above £70,000 to £80,000 a year and that's roughly defined as what people feel is an earning whereby people feel they can pay more".

The election will be held on June 8, almost a year after 52 percent of Britons voted to leave the European Union.

Her Westminster opponents are quoting the national economy, jobs and NHS problems as reasons for voting for their own party. She held a meeting with European Parliament President Antonio Tajani.

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