Amazon rolls out chatbot tools in race to dominate voice-powered tech

Pablo Tucker
April 20, 2017

Astro Malaysia and its group of companies have signed an agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS), and its affiliates to use AWS cloud computing services and leverage AWS Professional Services for its group-wide digital and business transformation. Amazon manages data mostly for its corporate clients.

Cloud computing is an Internet-based computing service that rents data storage and computing power to individual users or corporate customers. "It's not a binary decision".

"We will allow customers to run in the mode they want to run", he said.

Amazon and Oracle don't much like each other. Specifically, Jassy contended in response to a question from moderator Ariel Kelman, AWS's vice president of worldwide marketing, that AWS's services have much less ability to lock in customers, a concern that has risen along with AWS's momentum.

"You want to be a small fish in a really big pond.That's how cloud works". Developers can also easily access analytics provided by Amazon Lex to measure various application performance and accuracy metrics that they can use to improve their apps over time.

By Vogels' reckoning, this "nightmare" practice means companies tend to buy as many as 30% more licenses than they actually wind up needing, as a hedge against the dreaded licensing audit, "because it's very hard to predict the future". He made the case that multi-cloud environments force users to choose the "lowest common denominator" in cloud technologies to ensure compatibility. Jassy acknowledged the perception and said, "When you look at the cloud, it's not like being locked in by Oracle".

Not least, he argued that splitting developers' attention among multiple platforms makes cloud management "a pain in the butt". Slacks's chief technology officer, Julia Grace, took the stage to announce that Slack will be integrated with Lex. Amazon Lex is available in the US East (N. Virginia) Region. For one, rolled out to all developers a technology called Lex that it introduced in a preview last fall. Amazon Lex eliminates all of this heavy lifting, making it easy for developers to build apps that can have conversations using voice or text by offering the same ASR and NLU technologies that power Amazon Alexa, as a fully managed service. It also upgraded Polly, computer voice-generating service, so it can whisper as needed, as well as providing "speech marks" for syncing up audio with the movements of online avatars.

The introduction of Redshift Spectrum will make certain types of queries on data more economical, because Redshift, which includes computing and storage capabilities, is a more complex and costly service, especially for number crunching on lots of data.

He compared running such a query against an exabyte of data on S3 against using 1,000 Apache Hive node clusters.

"Most of us won't be developing low-level deep learning algorithms", Vogels said.

Using an on-premises/cloud deployment combination, AWS Elemental said it unified headends to support video processing in local markets and national channel video processing at Frontier's "super headend", as well as video streaming to smartphones, tablets and other connected devices.

With a "Cloud First" approach, new services in video OTT such as Astro GO in Malaysia, and Tribe in Indonesia and Philippines, as well as e-commerce services like Go Shop in Malaysia and Singapore, will operate on AWS infrastructure.

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