Alec Baldwin's SNL Trump visits Boone County

Cheryl Sanders
April 10, 2017

But the best political comedy sketch came when Baldwin returned later in the show as Fox News' embattled host Bill O'Reilly.

O'REILLY: When she said no, did her eyes say yes?

Baldwin showed off his versatility by playing both Trump and O'Reilly in a split screen TV interview that aired yesterday. When the allegations came out, President Trump told reporters from the New York Times, that he didn't think O'Reilly did anything wrong. I do wonder how much he's intentionally leaning into making the accent bad (especially when he says "my wife" like Borat), but it doesn't make it any less amusing, especially with Kate McKinnon (who rarely breaks) unable to keep her composure. The Kentuckians wanted to talk about health care and other issues, but Baldwin's Trump got distracted.

"In my America", he said of employment, "it's coal mines and Goldman Sachs".

Amusing enough, but probably not so much to the people for whom this rings all too true.

"The scandal no one thought I'd have the guts to address head on", he added, "about the shocking allegations of abuse of power that have been leveled against. the Obama administration".

Baldwin's commander in chief hit back: 'I see a lot of myself in you, Bill'.

A third supporter said he had a wife who was addicted to painkillers.

"Thank you for coming to my defense last week even though no one asked you to", Baldwin-as-O'Reilly said, referring to Trump's real-life comments defending O'Reilly.

When another supporter questions the president on his decision to "get rid of" Obamacare, he retorts: "All of it, gone". Which is why the "O'Reilly Factor" - the SNL version at least - is now brought to "us" by horse aphrodesiacs and "Dog Cocaine". It's like you found a finger in your chili but you still eat the chili because you told everyone you love chili.

'I appreciate your support on behalf of all women and thank you, Donald Trump, for promoting sexual assault month, ' the host said.

Host Louis C.K. took to the stage and began with a joke about a racist chicken crossing the road that evolved into an epic routine about white privilege while he complains about the service in a fancy hotel.

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