WipEout Omega Collection Comes to PS4 in June

Yolanda Curtis
March 31, 2017

This game includes all the tracks and ships from WipEout HD, Fury and 2048 ported to PS4.

Sony has announced that its WipEout Omega Collection, which features dramatically spruced-up versions of WipEout HD, Fury and 2048 (all running at 60fps in 1080p on PlayStation 4 and in 4K on PS4 Pro), will be launching in the United Kingdom on June 7th. The accompanying description boasts, "Compared to the original games, textures are now clear when viewed up close: you can even read some of the small text on the ships for the first time".

Way back in December Sony announced a remastered collection of the beloved WipEout series. Textures have been remasted, HDR has been included and improved graphical effects.

WipEout Omega Collection will feature two player local multiplayer and up to eight players online. So in a way, you'll be experiencing the games in a new way via the update. WipEout Omega Collection will also feature nine different game modes, such as Zone, Tournament, Speed Lap, Time Trial, and Single Race from WipEout HD, as well as Zone Battle, Eliminator, and Detonator from WipEout HD Fury, and the Career Mode from WipEout 2048.

WipEout Omega Collection will be available from physical and digital retailers. No, it "releases" on June 6 in America and June 7 in Europe, 2017 both digitally and physically.

Those pre-order WipEout: Omega Collection from PlayStation Store will receive an exclusive dynamic theme.

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