White House: Trump Will Sign Repeal Of Obama-Era Internet Privacy Rules

Andrew Cummings
March 31, 2017

The US House of Representatives has voted to repeal regulations that restrict how internet providers can use customer data.

United States lawmakers have voted to roll back rules that would block Internet service providers from selling user data to third parties, following a heated debate over privacy protections.

The House voted 215 to 205 in favor of striking the regulations, following the Senate's resolution to do so last week. This includes their web browsing histories. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and 23 other Republican sponsors, he said he wanted to "protect consumers from overreaching Internet regulations". However, a new forthcoming law might turn the tides for either better or worse as it is up to President Trump on how online privacy should stay private.

"I support the need for internet service providers to obtain affirmative opt-ins from consumers for their personal information", Faso said in a prepared statement.

"The Federal Communications Commission rule issued in October was created to give consumers greater control over how internet service providers share information", the Associated Press reported.

Trade groups representing broadband providers and some other tech companies praised the House's vote to repeal the FCC rules.

The Verge has a breakdown of exactly how much each member of Congress who voted to reverse the privacy rule received in donations from major players in the telecom industry in their last election cycle.

Critics of this move have said it will have "chilling effect" on online privacy, while its supporters have said it will increase competition. "That's information that you as a consumer should be in control of".

"They can use your information and sell it to the highest bidder", warned Democratic Representative Anna Eshoo of California.

You have a choice in subscribing to search or social sites - if you don't agree with Google's privacy policy, you can use some other service whose terms you find more pleasing.

In the meantime, Vankat says consumers concerned about the bill should to be aware of what internet companies can already access now.

"Moving forward, I want the American people to know that the FCC will work with the FTC to ensure that consumers' online privacy is protected though a consistent and comprehensive framework", Mr Pai said.

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